Coyote kindness, human cruelty

Western civilisation has been very kind to the coyote. We drove off their competitors and predators – the wolf and the bear. We encouraged the rodent population to boom.

Coyotes must be living in paradise.

Sometimes I think the coyotes get more out of our civilisation than we do. I’m not about to give up technology or cities, but they come with costs.

Pandemics, pollution, loneliness, crime.

What cost do coyotes pay?

I’m sure they think it’s a great deal.

But the real beneficiary of our works and wonders is the Coyote Spirit.

The Coyote Spirit is a trickster. It confounds, confuses, disrupts and distracts.

Civilisation has been kind to this spirit. We eagerly carry devices of mass distraction in our pockets. Our careers, hobbies and relationships be damned, cos we just gotta check Facebook one more time.

The Coyote Spirit predates social media. Medieval scholars had to wrestle with their own thoughts and keep them in line. With sun outside, mead to drink and wenches to chase, they had to put all that aside and get down to work.

All the while, trickster ghosts nip at their heels.

Tech companies took this distraction, though, and weaponised it against us. I wouldn’t be saying anything original to call social media addictive, so I’ll skip that part.

Being in a state of distraction was always normal. Now, it’s even more so.

I’m not special – I do it too.

But… well, if you think I’m whiling away my hours on Twitter, survey my mighty works. Clearly I know how to write a lot.

And that’s because I use distraction to my advantage.

The Coyote Spirit in your mind can be an ally – a powerful resource.

You just need to learn how to tame it first.

How do you do that?

I cover that in the very first module (out of 19) in my premiere mind training program, available here and now:

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