In the cuisine of life, what is trance?

In some ways, trance is like salt. It makes everything better.

Whether you’re sitting alone, sharing a drink with friends or working hard, it’s a whole lot nicer with hypnosis.

Where that analogy breaks down is too much salt is overpowering. With the right sort of trance, more is always better.

So maybe it’s a highly nutritious nootropic – something good for the body and brain.

Or it’s a nearly-magical spice that tastes different every time you eat it.

Perhaps this metaphor is a bad idea. I think the only real parallel between great food and hypnosis is how much I crave both. They really make life worth living.

Because that’s what surprises folks about hypnosis. I mean, it sure surprised me.

You think of it as a tool to help others.

And a way to unlock your own potential.

It’s only when you start getting into it do you realise:

This is more than just fun. This is deeply satisfying, like a warm blanket on a cold day, a tall glass when you’re thirsty or getting that promotion you’ve worked towards for years.

In a word, it’s enriching.

Or should that be ‘nourishing’?

Maybe you should go deeper with hypnosis and you can tell me:

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