Your inner guardian can cause anxiety… and cure it

Do you get nervous in a crowd? What about in front of a crowd? How do you feel talking one on one with a stranger?

Many people feel anxiety in social situations. It’s a common obstacle to the life of your dreams. Nothing in life is perfectly asocial. If you want to get anywhere, you have to interact with people.

It doesn’t have to be a problem, though.

The anonymity and asymmetric nature of the internet create worlds of options. You can interact over the phone, through email, via your website or some other technology. It’s common to build relationships with people – enough to sell them high-end goods – without any real-time interaction.

That gets around the issue of social interaction.

But what if you want to resolve it?

We are different around people than we are alone. In company, we activate different parts of the brain. People read, mirror and anticipate each other. It’s a whole new set of neurology at play.

Few people are truly themselves around others, despite good intentions. We are like crystals that reflect what we see, both externally and bouncing around the geometric interior. Crystals have unique shapes, even though those shapes follow set rules.

One of the rules that shape your mind is your unconscious protector. Some important part of your mind wants to keep you safe.

If you see a car careening towards you, this protector floods your system with adrenaline and makes you jump to the side.

When you touch something hot, it recoils your hand before you’re aware of the pain.

If someone tries to scam you, your protector gives you a bad feeling about them.

It is wise and powerful. That doesn’t stop your protector getting confused, though.

Sometimes it tells you to avoid things that are safe… or even beneficial. That’s what anxiety is – it’s a trigger for avoidance behaviour. This same avoidance behaviour keeps you safe. It’s a great thing that sometimes gets misapplied.

The good news is that you can change. Once your unconscious protector knows that socialising is safe, rewarding and rich with experiences, it will make you crave the company of others. More than that, it will unlock resources like courage and charisma. Your unconscious mind controls everything outside your awareness, including the recipe for your best self. When it knows it’s safe to do so, nothing will stop it from expressing this to others.

How can you teach your unconscious protector? It’s always learning. It’s always monitoring your environment and assessing your reaction. Change your environment and change your reaction, and these changes will reflect inwards.

And if you want to make the process quicker, easier and even more effective…

Well, the best way to reach your unconscious mind is through hypnosis and meditation. Enter a trance state – the state for optimal change – and use it to create a new paradigm. Make it clear to yourself that you want to change. Seek those things that enrich your life and do not fear them.

Your protector will get the message.

The Awakened Thought page has hypnotic guided meditations that focus on relationships. Spend time teaching your protector what you want it to know. It will reward you for it.

Photo by Kacper Szczechla on Unsplash

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