A cure is better than prevention

I spent my New Year in the traditional way, at least in Australia:

Getting far, far too much sun.

My usual approach was to don as many protective layers as I could manage. Hat, sunnies, sunscreen, then stick to the shade.

Despite my best efforts, I’d still get sunburned.

I’d sweat the sunscreen off, even the sweat-proof stuff.

Or I’d somehow miss a tiny patch.

Either way, I’d burn, then spend the rest of the day radiating heat and guzzling water. Then I’d spend the night hot, uncomfortable, thirsty and needing to pee all the time.

This year, I did things differently – and was a whole lot more comfortable.

I still wore a hat.

And I stuck to the shade here or there.

But I got a lot of sun, with nary a drop of sunscreen to shield my skin.

Even so, I didn’t burn once.

I slept comfortably through each night.

I tanned like crazy, but I didn’t burn.

My secret?

After getting some sun, I’d rub lavender oil on my skin.

Preventing sunburn never worked – not in the long run.

Treating it straight away worked better than I imagined.

Now, this applies to your personal development too.

Someone who is somewhat confident will probably stay there. Someone who struggles with anxiety and learns to overcome it has the advantage. They have a hunger and drive to improve, a desperation others won’t share. And they’ll know they can crawl out of the worst depths of anxiety because, hey, they’ve done it before.

Many of the most charismatic folk you meet were nervous wrecks at one point.

It’s the same with anyone who uses diet, exercise and mindset to manage a chronic condition. They’ll be far healthier than the typical person because they’ve had to dig deep into health, just to reach “normal” energy levels.

And who has greater financial security:

Someone who made a million dollars once?

Or someone who made and lost a million dollars in ten different ways?

Pulling yourself out of the pit makes you stronger.

It proves to your greatest critic – yourself – you can do it.

Nothing else compares – especially not “natural talent”.

It’s not easy, though. It takes high heat to reforge a broken tool into a strong one.

And all the hottest flames you need are right here, waiting for you on the other side of this link:


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