Curse of the Magic Pickup Artist

You probably know about Midas’ curse.

King Midas was so greedy, he wished that everything he touched would turn to gold.

The modern economist’s moral to this story is “beware the law of supply and demand”. Saturate the market with gold and what happens to its value?

The original moral is, of course, be careful what you wish for.

He found himself unable to eat, drink or hug his loved ones.

His blessing became a curse, simply because he couldn’t control it.

Let’s bring this myth into the modern day, shall we?

Say a young man wished to become a magic pickup artist. He would become supernaturally charismatic and magnetic to the point where women quickly fall for him.

Heck yes, says the young man.

Except I’m sure you can think of all the ways that could go wrong.

Like when the wife of the jealous bouncer flirts with him.

Family reunions would get awkward…

And does it only apply to human women?

This is what a lack of wisdom brings you – a situation where what you wanted becomes your prison.

A rare and magical power turns your life into a waking nightmare.

What turns these blessings into curses?

A total lack of control.

King Midas would have been one happy lad if he could choose what to turn to gold.

Same with Mr Charisma – there are times when he’d want to turn it off.

It all comes down to control.

Conscious control.

When people say they want more discipline, focus, charisma, enthusiasm… what they usually mean, without realising it, is they want greater control over it.

Everyone can focus sometimes.

And, sure, you might want to focus more.

But there are times when you don’t want to focus – you want to let go and drift off, like when falling asleep.

The person who’s uncontrollably enthusiastic isn’t welcome at a funeral.

This notion of control sums up most of the power in hypnosis and meditation.

Most of what you currently do, think and experience happens automatically.

You don’t usually choose to feel happy or focused. You can train these states to make them more likely, but they still have a mind of their own.

With hypnosis and meditation, though, you explore your unconscious.

You bring unconscious material into conscious awareness.

Which gives you more conscious control.

For example:

Let’s say your dream is to become an actor, but you can’t control your emotions. That would make your dream fizzle pretty hard, right?

Until you bring more of your emotions out of your unconscious and into your consciousness.

Then, you can really act.

Exploring your unconscious might sound difficult, abstract, maybe even dangerous.

It can be.

Or it can be as safe and simple as closing your eyes and listening to me guide you through it.

That’s what the Neural Reset is all about:

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