Avoiding the Cyberman style of personal growth

Avoiding the Cyberman style of personal growth

I think what makes the Cybermen scary isn’t their efficiency, discipline and effectiveness. It certainly isn’t their appearance – if you check out the older Doctor Who episodes, they were just dudes wearing tin foil. Their voice and dialogue are classic (or even cliché) robots.

No, what’s scary is they’re us.

They’re humans stripped of all of their humanity.

Ruthless logical and entirely unemotional.

And it’s scary because we can relate to the bad guys.

Sometimes this is how we treat each other.

Often it’s how we treat ourselves.

Because how many times have you tried to change by imposing logic on yourself? You deduce that exercise would make a good addition to your morning routine, you calculate you have the time, so you start doing it.

Then your mind fights back, like humans against the Cybermen.

It can’t be any surprise, really. No one likes being oppressed or ignored, not even by ourselves.

Yet this is often how we make changes.

I’ve done it. Heck, I still do it. Trying to get up earlier is all well and good… unless my mind has other plans, that is.

Oh, well.

What’s the alternative?

It’s certainly not to give up and let your habits run the show. Even if your habits are perfect now, they’ll need changing at some stage.

The better approach is to meet with your mind as an equal. To see what your habits, instincts and unconscious wisdom want, compare it to what you want and find a way forward.

Sounds reasonable.

Only how do you talk with this side of you? How do you sit down at the negotiating table with yourself?

You learn this key skill in self-hypnosis.

Which you can learn here:


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