What can 8P do for you?

Grab over an hour of free hypnosis audios for download. I’ve crafted each of these to enhance a specific area of your life. While short, they pack a punch. All you need to do is sit back and listen.

Warning – only listen to these when it’s safe to close your eyes. Never do it while driving or operating machinery. These audios draw you deep inside your mind, rewiring your thoughts from the inside out to uncover your hidden mental power. This takes focus and attention.

1) Patience

Get through the difficult times with a full body, total relaxation of your nervous system. The last time you were this relaxed, you were deeply asleep. 11 minutes long.

2) Personal Responsibility

Gain the power to overcome any obstacle. Once you step up and seize your problems with both hands, you gain the power to change it. 12 minutes long.

3) Purpose

Feel like you’re drifting? Wake up humming with energy by finding your life’s purpose. With a mission, nothing will slow you down. 10 minutes long.

4) Priorities

Distracted? Detracted? Clear the clutter and get down to what you need to do. Don’t let another opportunity wander by unnoticed. 11 minutes long.

5) Persistence

With enough discipline, it’s only a matter of time. Quickly and easily train your mind to ignore bad habits and focus on the right ones. 12 minutes long.

6) People

Get along to get ahead. Learn how your inner mind can do right by others, make an impact in the world and earn your just rewards. 12 minutes long.

7) Pride

Confidence is your birthright. If you feel like you’re not enough, kick that to the curb and embrace your full, glorious potential. 13 minutes long.

8) Power

True power is the ability to break your programming. If someone has hypnotised you against your will, delete the effects right here. Warning: extremely effective at removing desires. 8 minutes long.


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