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An Incredible Meditation Guide (US$39 Value)

Your Mind Inside: A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Meditation is only available as a physical book. Buying it through Amazon will set you back $39.

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  • Why being delusional is fun, effective and efficient,
  • How to learn anything from anyone – including fictional characters and dead people,
  • Ways to dissolve your conscious mind – and why you want to,
  • Techniques for destroying unwanted habits and emotions,
  • Meditation techniques that are 20 times older than Jesus Christ,
  • Why bullying yourself might be the thing you’ve been missing,
  • How to find more purpose and meaning in life, without joining a cult.

Learn How to Sleep

Sleep is an incredibly complicated thing.

What’s the secret to falling asleep quickly?

How do you sleep more deeply?

Why do we even sleep in the first place?

If you could answer these questions, you’d be a billionaire. After all, as sleep researcher William Dement famously said:

As far as I know, the only reason we need to sleep… is because we get sleepy.

So I’m not about to claim that I have all the answers. But I will say this: the solution for a good night’s sleep won’t always be a simple thing. Exercise, nightly rituals and cutting screen time helps. For many people, they need something a little more sophisticated.

My Sleep Well hypnotic audios cut to the heart of complex issues. They train you to truly relax – in body and mind – and drift off easily and naturally.

Because, yes – you can learn good sleep habits. If you have difficulties drifting off, then you might have learned some bad ones. This training alters the way your inner mind approaches the process of sleeping.

Unlike many other sleep aids, these are more than just white noise. Sleep Well includes a daytime track that trains your mind while you’re alert. This training removes the barriers between you and a perfect night of rest.

If you need more relaxation, then the nighttime track combines hypnosis, binaural beats and crafted sounds to ease your mind into a state of comfort.

Most people who listen to both audios will sleep quickly. Even if you don’t, you’ll enter a restful and restorative state of body and mind. It’s the next best thing to deep sleep.

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