Dangerous meditation, from my favourite eldritch horror

You can learn meditation and it will change your life.

And you can go so much deeper than that.

Most of what folk mean when they say “meditation” is introductory level. Don’t get me wrong – you could spend years, even decades, learning things like mindfulness. It’s a worthy goal in and of itself.

And yet, mindfulness prepares you for what comes next.

Of all the eldritch beings in the Cthulhu Mythos, my favourite is Azathoth – the eternal, hungry void at the centre of the universe. It doesn’t need to scheme or plot or recruit cultists. It’s the nothingness at the end of time. From its void it spewed the universe. One day, it will draw it back in to its endless mouth.

So naturally I modelled meditation training after it.

This is what monks at monasteries aspire towards – meditation so deep, you dissolve your self.

You leave nothing of you left – no thoughts, no awareness, no time, no space, no mind, no body. And in this state, you connect with the truth of your own existence.

It takes decades to master this.

But these hypnotic guided meditations offer you a taste of it. And a simple taste, even for a moment, might be enough to free you from all limitations, doubts and baggage.

It’s like you’ve been wearing a mask your whole life, only seeing the world through tiny pinpricks. Then you remove the mask and warp it, so it never quite fits back the same way.

This style of meditation isn’t common… mostly because it can trigger problems. That’s why it’s module 17 of 19 in Monster Mind Edukaré – by that point, you’ve learned enough on how to safely navigate deep trance experiences.

I warn you again about this in the module itself.

Like handling electricity, you’re safe if you follow the precautions and treat it with respect.

This module isn’t easy.

It’s not even necessary – you can (and probably should) skip it.

But if you want a glimpse of what a deep, pure, unconscious awakening can be – with all the release and power that comes with it – then I don’t know any other way that lets you (safely) do this without having to selling all your stuff and moving to Tibet.

The choice is yours.

And if you’re hungry for a deeper truth, there’s no real choice at all.

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