Dangerous self-improvement technique inside

A good test if something works is asking yourself: is this dangerous?

Medication is dangerous because it works. It alters your body in profound ways. This means if you abuse it (and sometimes even when you don’t) it can cause you harm.

Even kill you.

Homeopathy, though? Not so much. The only way diluted water can kill you is by drowning in it.

This is a great test for any self-improvement technique too.

Can mindfulness be dangerous? Sure – if you’ve never felt the mind-splitting horror of keeping your attention on the present moment for too long, you probably haven’t done it right.

Breathwork can be agonising. I’ve felt my body lock up with pain more than once, simply by breathing deeper.

(Why do I keep coming back to it? Because once the pain goes, I feel a hundred times better than when I started.)

But okay, that’s pain and discomfort.

Let’s go back to talking about real, mortal danger.

This isn’t the most dangerous tool in my mental arsenal but, if misused, the Problem Slayer can cause all sorts of harm.

It can delete phobias so thoroughly, you have no qualms petting a wild snake.

It can erase all the joy, love and compassion you feel towards a person.

You could probably even use it to eliminate all physical pain. I’ve never tried that one – obviously – but it would work.

Some of you are thinking I’m talking out of my pooper here.

But if you know anything about hypnosis or NLP, you know how easy this is.

Not to worry, though. If you follow the instructions, you can use the Problem Slayer with total confidence in its safety.

Especially because it’s module 12 of 19 in the Monster Mind Edukaré system. By the time you reach it, you know more than you need about how to handle it.

If you’re sick of your problems and want to slay them dead, then you know what to do now:


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