The dark side of hypnosis

I am a huge fan of hypnosis.

I firmly believe – no, I know – that with more and better hypnosis in the world, we’d solve so many ‘unsolvable’ problems.

Sure, that’s true of many things. The world would be a better place with more and better education, medicine, food, compassion…

But hypnosis is a tremendous force multiplier. A little more can create enormous improvements – for society and for you.

Having said that…

It’s a tool like any other.

Which means through malice or carelessness, it can cause harm.

Iron can make a bridge or a gun… or you can drop a bar of it on your foot.

It’s not always smiles and sunshine.

You probably expect me to talk about mind control – about hypnotising folks into robbing banks or something. It’s true that hypnosis is a powerful form of influence – and that this sort of thing could happen.

You can relax, though.

If hypnosis is mind control – or even a powerful method of influence – there are surprisingly few verified cases of this happening. I’m not saying it never happens… but, for a criminal, hypnosis would be the ultimate tool of the trade. All the rewards of crime with none of the risk? Why would they rob a bank any other way?

When you’re hypnotised, it’s generally harder to go against your moral code. In your waking state, someone can always talk you into ignoring the little voice in your head that tells you right from wrong.

In a trance, you’re more true to who you are.

Sure, sure, there are experiments and documentaries where they hypnotise a normal person into ‘assassinating’ a target, using a gun loaded with blanks.

Psychological experiments fall down if anyone involved is a bad actor – anyone at all.

Anyway, you’re not likely to be hypnotised into doing something that dramatic.

If someone misuses hypnosis on you, it’ll be more subtle.

There are people in this world who will use hypnosis against you. They’ll install fears and insecurities, then exploit them for their own use.

I don’t know why they bother. I’ve met folks like that. Although they were rich and successful, the people in their lives were… broken. They’d talk about the happiest or scariest moment of their life with the same flat voice and dead stare.

If they used hypnosis to empower people, they’d still be rich and successful… and surrounded by happy, healthy friends and fans.

Narcissists (in the psychological sense, not the casual “that guy is so arrogant!” sense) can wear people down and leave them like this, with or without hypnosis. With it, they can do it in a conversation.

Even if you ignore malicious uses of it…

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that works on the foundations of your psyche. With the right training and attitude, it’s safe. With poor training, though, it can make a mess of your unconscious.

At the risk of humblebragging for hypnosis, it can even be too effective – bringing you into contact with repressed issues you’re not ready for.

Like all power, it deserves respect and care. With those simple things, hypnosis can be the force for good it truly is.

This is why I have so many safeguards in my practice.

The main one being my elite level of training, which included hours of practical exercises around ethics and safety.

I also record my sessions, to protect us both.

That’s because I take my responsibilities seriously. You don’t just trust me with your money – you trust me with your mind. I give that nothing short of the full respect you deserve.

So you can rest assured that we’ll both get what we want out of each session.

It’s the time of the year where my calendar looks pretty slim. If you can’t see any available slots, keep an eye open for 2021:

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