Decades of experience + hours of training…

Decades of experience + hours of training…

There’s a story from the storied history of learning and development. A few generations back, some researchers studied people and their use of the typewriter.

Some were young secretaries, new to the machine.

Others had been in clerical work for decades, typing for hours every day.

The researchers assumed, naturally enough, that those people who spent their whole professional lives typing would be pretty good at it. And they were, of course. Their speed and accuracy were high.

But they weren’t consistently high.

Some were rock stars, while others plodded along.

The thinking was, well, some people are naturally better typists than others. Just as some are taller and stronger, a few people are going to have the physical and mental dexterity to work a typewriter at lightning speed.

Being diligent researchers, though, they put it to the test.

They ran everyone through a typewriting skills course…

And everyone improved.

The researchers – and everyone else at the time – assumed you’d reach the peak of your abilities after a decade or so, if that. But, no, they improved on decades of experience with just a few hours of training.

Not like this was advanced training, either. Useful, yes, but not the sort of thing any experienced operator would have ‘wasted time’ with.

There’s a moral here and, boy, is it inspiring.

There are things you’re good at.

Things you have decades of experience with.

And there are things you struggle with (and have decades of experience struggling…)

It doesn’t matter. You can improve – more than you think.

Even if you’re past your prime or you lack the natural gifts of your rivals… who cares? You are far from your full potential, which means you have plenty of room left to grow.

All you need is the right training program.

And when you find it, be sure to couple it with this. If you want to reach towards your potential, you’re going to need to get the most out of yourself.

The ideal learning state is a few moments away.

You can read all about it here:

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