Deep Blue vs a deep trance

The naive view of chess is it’s simple and logical.

You can see all of your pieces, you can see your enemy’s pieces, you know what they all do.

You have a clearly defined grid.

There’s no surprises, no hidden traps, nothing like that.

Plus you have a clearly defined objective: get the enemy king into a position where they cannot escape doom.

It sure sounds simple.

Or if not ‘simple’, at least it’s precisely defined.

But of course, we know that chess doesn’t function quite that logically. It’s not as simple a game as tic-tac-toe, where you can quickly explore all the possibilities.

Because even with such clearly defined rules, chess is full of surprises.

It’s full of creativity and intuition. Listen to the grandmasters talk, and sometimes they talk about calculating the probabilities. But more often they talk about energy, they talk about force meeting resistance.

They talk about the game of chess, not in logical terms, but more like they’re composing a melody.

They don’t so much think about the solution as they see the solution emerge from the board.

It comes from their intuition.

Think about that for a moment: chess, where everything is so understood, where every single piece is so clearly defined is still a game of creativity.

Sure, computers calculate their way to victory.

(They can certainly wallop me.)

But let me ask you this:

How good are those chess playing computers at life?

In life, you can’t see all your pieces.

You can’t see your enemy’s – assuming you even know who your enemies are.

Each piece can do strange and unpredictable things.

And nothing is clearly defined.

So if something as logical as chess relies on creativity – at least, when humans play it…

… then what about everything that’s far less logical than that?

I hope that gets you thinking.

And that you think of this the next time you try to reason your way to happiness.

(I’m gazing at you, pros-and-cons-list lovers!)

If you believe you can’t train your creativity, you might wonder why I’m rubbing this in your face. And you’d be right to wonder. It would be a cruel, cruel thing for me to do.

The good news is, that belief can’t hold vodka.

You can, in fact, train your creativity.

The basic level training is to practice it. Don a smock and get to painting.

The deeper level training involves experiencing your mind in whole new ways.

If creativity involves thinking a thought you’ve never thought before, what would experiencing a new state of consciousness be like?

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