Deeper than sleep, more open than trust

Deeper than sleep, more open than trust

Let’s talk about a state of mind. In some ways, it’s ordinary – so normal you’re in and out of it all day.

In other ways, it’s so unusual that you might never experience it deeply.

That’s like every other state of mind – you might have a glimmer of happiness each day, but how often do you burst with joy?

Anyway, this state of mind I’m talking about it special. Enter it and it’s like when you go to sleep. I’m talking a deep, restful sleep, not your typical tossing and turning. The sort of rest where you wake up ready to go, rather than stumbling around, your eyes bleary.

And in this state, you’re incredibly open. You can let go of your problems because you can think of better ways to be. When you tell yourself everything is gonna be just fine, you believe it.

You’re smart enough, capable enough and worthy enough to achieve anything.

Statements like that become affirmations – genuine instructions to your inner mind.

You can believe them and act on them.

Because the great thing is once you believe things like this, they become true.

This is one of the reasons why I’m such a fan of the hypnotic trance state.

Anyone can use it the way I’ve described – to rest deeply and to be open to amazing things. If that’s all you did with it, it’d be your most valuable skill for years to come.

How could it be anything but that?

But, of course, you can use it for so much more than restoration and motivation.

I put together an eBook covering 28 ways you can improve your life with self-hypnosis. This list covers everything from speaking with confidence to parenting better to minimising jet lag to even overcoming pain and illness.

And this list is just the start. These 28 things are here to inspire you, to give you ideas on what hypnosis can do for you.

It’s an incredibly valuable resource.

And it comes free with every copy of Unlock the Vault. Together, these two guides cover how to hypnotise yourself and what to do once you’re in a trance.

It’s foolproof, powerful and beyond anything you can imagine.

(Literally – I teach you ways to think thoughts and do things you can’t even imagine yet.)

You can grab your copies at this link:

Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash

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