Deeply in love (but not how you think)

There’s a strange feeling I get when I meditate sometimes.

It didn’t happen much at first. But, after spending time with some geniuses of the mind, I started to notice it.

This sensation wasn’t anything they taught me.

And they didn’t suggest I’d experience it.

It simply arose from what they said.

It’s a strange feeling of lightness, of joy – like deep, satisfying love and contentment.

It’s the feeling you get when you know everything is going to be okay.

I don’t know whether I felt this way as a kid, then forgot – I suspect so but who can ever be sure. I can’t rule out that this is something new – something I’ve never felt before.

All I know is I like it.

I can access this state easily enough when everything is calm. When things stop going well, it gets harder. Sometimes I can even forget it’s there, until something in my unconscious mind reminds me of it.

Whether things are great or not, it always helps to feel this way.

It’s always worthwhile.

I’m writing about this for a few reasons. The first is selfish – to remind myself it exists and I can choose it.

The second is to let you know it’s possible too. No matter how bleak the outside world gets, your inner world can shine. A great analogy I head recently (I can’t remember the source) is you are like a stained glass window. You shine whenever the sun’s out. You also shine, no matter how dark it gets, when there’s light from within.

This isn’t to pressure you to “feel great!” no matter what’s going on.

Just to let you know it’s possible, even if it’s not easy.

Which brings me to my third point:

One of the things I offer my clients is intensive, ongoing mind training. We can meet up every week or two for months, depending on your budget. This is to allow you to experience things like this more and more in your waking life.

At first, you might not feel deeply in this state of love and bliss much.

Then you might feel it with its full power, only during our sessions.

Before long, you start to experience it more, every day.

I’m not promising miracles. I’m simply giving you the means to choose – even if it seems beyond your reach right now.

This isn’t one of my preset packages because this, more than the others, needs a conversation first about what you want and by when. Feeling this deep sense of acceptance, warmth and release will, for many of you, be the first thing you add to your program.

Because that’s the great thing about my skillset, training and experience:

What most folks would call impossible, or at least difficult, is just a taste of what I can offer for you.

If you’d like to experience this deep sense of inner connection – and a whole lot more besides – then reach out and let’s talk:

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