That time I defended a pointless patch of grass

That time I defended a pointless patch of grass

Boy, kids are stupid sometimes. Not a criticism of anyone else – this is me looking back at my own life and smacking myself in the forehead.

Okay, story time:

I remember once in primary school (or ‘elementary school’ for my international readers) I was hanging out with my mates (or ‘friends’ for my international readers). We weren’t getting up to mischief or anything – just chilling, killing time before school.

Anyway, a teacher came up and asked us if we’re interested in helping out.

We said of course – we can chill and do stuff at the same time. We’re smart like that.

There was a small patch of grass off to the side of the path. It wouldn’t have been more than three or four metres to a side (or ‘ten or so feet’ for… you know what, look it up yourself). The teacher asked, quite seriously, for us to keep other kids off this patch of grass.

I didn’t even question it.

A few minutes goes by. Another student arrives and comes near our patch. We explain they have to stay off it, quite proud of our role. Not everyone is fit to defend what needs protecting, it seems.

Then the closer it got to class time, the more kids started arriving.

Then some, who were never going to walk on the grass, suddenly decided they want to walk on the grass.

It quickly became a frenzy, trying to keep all these folk from sneaking or pushing past us.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Looking back on it, I don’t know whether the assignment was a prank or a distraction. That grass saw more foot traffic than ever in its life, and I doubt the teacher was unhappy about it.

Either way it’s frustrating.

Which is why I don’t offer pointless exercises while teaching self-hypnosis. If you don’t know the point of something, either stick with it or come back to it later. It all serves a purpose.

You might think I’m pranking you, giving you useless tasks or trying to inflate my word count. No to all of the above. I might suggest weird stuff from time to time… except the stuff isn’t weird, it’s mind-bending.

Which leads to your mind opening.

Which is one delightful and essential part of the trance experience.

You can protect your mind much better than we protected that grass by learning the best way how:

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