Defy your teachers and think less

Defy your teachers and think less

What has thinking ever done for you? It fills your head with worries and dread. You fixate on old arguments you should have won and future dramas you’ll never face. It doesn’t make you happy and thought alone never paid the bills.

Thinking separates us form the animals.

It also leaves us neurotic and exhausted.

Your teachers told you to think, to use that brain of yours.

Meh, I doubt it got them very far either.

What’s better than thinking?


When you’re on the sporting field, you don’t have time to run your thoughts. All you can do is move.

And when you’re talking to someone, you can’t think at the same time. Conversations require you to listen and speak. Start thinking and you drop out of the chat.

Your best ideas probably come to you while jogging, in the shower or drifting off to sleep. In other words, when your mind is quiet.

So if you’ve been thinking about improving your life and unlocking your dormant potential…

And thinking about meditation or hypnosis to do it…

Well, stop it. Thinking won’t get you there.

Only smooth, beautiful, automatic action will create the results you dream of.

And the easiest way to get started isn’t by learning complex theory or mucking about with textbooks. No, your best bet is to start with the quickest, easiest actions that move you more into a trancelike state of mind.

Some of these you already know how to do. It’s simply a question of intent.

Others… well, now you have the perfect excuse to try them.

You need a book like Hypnotic Habits – simple activities that train your mind and prepare you to delve inside.

And I have good news:

You can have it as my gift to you. All you need to do is sign up at the link below.

But hurry…

And I mean hurry.

Once I sent this out, that’s it. Some of you are already reading this too late. This will only take a moment, so you have no excuses.

Last warning – now or never.

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