How a desk job can drain you

It’s strange: sitting at a desk all day can be the most exhausting way to spend your time.

It would be great exercise if it weren’t… you know, not that.

You can come home from riding the chair to be unable to do anything but flop on the couch.

I’ve been there. And, in many ways, I still am.

And if you’re there right now, the first thing I’d check is your nutrition. Low vitamin B, iron or vitamin D can mess up your energy levels.

But if that’s all in order, then the problem probably isn’t in your body.

That just leaves one possible candidate…

Thinking burns calories. If you spend your time in deep thought, you can inhale burgers while still getting trimmer.

But that’s not what happens here.

A frustrating or boring cubicle job leaves you mentally tired, but not because it’s intellectually stimulating.

If it frays your emotions, no wonder you feel drained.

It takes energy to make the neurochemicals for each emotion, then much more energy to ignore those emotions and get on with your job.

The answer isn’t passive, emotionless living. That’s a recipe for a boring, flat, uninspired life.

So what is the answer?

What works for me, more than anything, is mind training because it works on two levels:

It’s satisfying to know you’re improving outside of work. Sure, that desk may be wrecking you… but at least you’re not letting it drag you to the bottom of the cold, dark sea.


It gives you better ways to cope in the moment.

Better ways like what?

Glad you asked.

To supercharge your mental resilience, head on over to this:

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