Your $100 discount for torture and brainwashing disappears soon

In the spirit of the season, I’ve knocked $100 off the price of Monster Mind Edukaré. If you’ve been hesitating to get it, hesitate no longer.

Inside, you can sink your fangs, claws or tentacles onto all this:

  • How to use psychological torture techniques to enter a meditative state,
  • Two easy ways (and a few trickier ones) to remove any mental block, bad habit or performance issue,
  • A taste of what monks experience in the deepest meditations – yes, you can feel this too,
  • Something I call the “growth mindset on steroids”,
  • Learn on the go with 37 podcasts, each packed with actionable (and proven) tips,
  • Two programs that link what you learn to your greatest desires, so you’ll never forget to apply it,
  • How to learn with your mind and not against it (like you have been doing up til now),
  • Live a life so awesome that it’s trivial to quit smoking, sleep better and think clearer,
  • Weapons-grade, MkUltra-inspired self-hypnosis for becoming anyone you want.

Plus plenty more.

Plus free access to any content I create for it in the future (probably a few times per year).

Some of that list is a little dark, I know. I won’t apologise for including the most powerful techniques I could find – and unless you have a history of psychosis, you’ll be fine.

It’s safer than what social media does to your brain, a lot more useful to you.

Anyway, clock’s ticking on that discount.

Nab everything here now because that price is going back up in less than an hour (from me writing this, so less time for you).

Here’s the link:

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