Do you know how you’re being hypnotised?

I could take this article down a dark path.

I could talk about how the media hypnotises you – and, depending on your politics, you can pretend I only mean CNN or FOX.

Then I could bring up social media. Watch someone scrolling Facebook and you’ll see someone in a trance. If they scroll for a few minutes, notice what happens when they return to the real world. There’ll be a little (or not so little) jolt as they reorient to their surroundings.

(But not you, of course. You scroll mindfully and with purpose. You don’t let it influence you because you consider the facts and make up your own mind. Again, I’m talking about those other people…)

I could talk about how people have been hypnotised to believe contradictory things. Like how they say they consider both sides of the issue, yet they only seek out rabid tweets to strawman. Or how Party X or Candidate Y will save/destroy the country, when history shows they’ll be mediocre.

I’ve seen folks vote against their interests to support a ‘higher cause’ that’s nothing but smoke and vapour.

And then they’ll go right back to believing.

So I could say all of that… and oh so much more.

But it would miss the point.

Because I could take any time and place in the world. As long as people live there, people are getting hypnotised – every day.

Ancient China, medieval France, indigenous Papua New Guinea – it doesn’t matter. Humans swim in a sea of trance. It’s essential to the survival of the tribe.

But you’re too strong-minded for that, right? You came to your beliefs through logic, evidence and sheer rational intelligence. If you grew up in medieval France, there’s no way you’d believe in the divine right of kings, of course.

“Freedom is good” is common sense, after all…

But… how do you know?

Couldn’t a hypothetical person – not you, I’m sure, but someone else – be hypnotised into thinking they’d never been hypnotised? Couldn’t someone have a raft of ideas imposed on them, including the idea that it’s all their own ideas?

You could write a Black Mirror episode around that theme.

And you could argue that it’s not worth thinking about. By definition, if you doubt all your own thoughts – including your own doubt – then you won’t get very far.

But there is a way out of that loop.

It’s not perfect, I’ll admit – but in a sea of existential horror, isn’t even an imperfect boat worth grasping?

Here’s that boat:

The Everyday Hypnosis Guide is module 07 (of 19) in Monster Mind Edukaré. With it, you’ll learn to spot the everyday signs that you’re in a hypnotic trance.

Stuff that you write off as being ‘normal’, because it is.

But it’s normal stuff that you can’t consciously fake. If it happens, it means you’re in a trance.

Plus, it covers ways to ride the trance – to use how you’re already being hypnotised to enhance your life.

Until you know what these signs are, if you say you ‘can’t be hypnotised!’, my honest question will be… how do you know?

Grab it and the other 18 modules here:

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