Do you trust yourself?

Your unconscious sees things that you never will.

And it whispers what it knows to you.

This is what instinct, intuition and gut feelings are all about.

How well it whispers – that is, how clearly and how often – depends on you. Think about it from your unconscious mind’s perspective. If you gave advice to a friend who kept ignoring it, ignoring you, even insulting you… after a while, wouldn’t you give up?

Your unconscious is the same. Listening to your instincts is a habit – a skill.

The more you trust yourself, the sharper your instincts become.

How do you manage that?

The best advice I heard on this comes from Jonny Dupré – charisma coach and all-round superb guy.

He once told me to think about all the times your instincts saved your life.

How they pulled you back from that speeding car.

Or warned you away from that deranged lunatic.

That’s the ultimate show of gratitude and appreciation.

Do that and you’ll start to notice more and do better… without ever really knowing why.

Of course, that’s how you start rebuilding the relationship with your unconscious. And like any instinct, the task never ends. You can always go deeper into rapport, trust and mutual respect.

All of the material in Monster Mind Edukaré builds that relationship.

You can work your way through it again and again, with it always improving things. There’s no law of diminishing returns here – every time you revisit this content, your situation improves.

I won’t say you’ll get infinite value out of this.

But I sure could.

So you might want to check it out here:

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