Does the fact it’s mid-October freak you out?

Einstein taught us time is relative. Minutes for one person can pass as centuries for another.

It’s a fascinating insight into the true nature of reality…

But it’s not exactly helpful. Since we humble citizens of Earth can’t accelerate to the speeds or generate the gravity necessary to change the flow of time, our days flow by at fixed rates.

Until Elon makes interstellar travel cheap and reliable, we’re stuck with physical time being more or less constant.

That would be a shame, if not for a handy little loophole in that.

Sure, physical time is constant…

But what about psychological time?

Time may go by at the rate of one second per second, but it doesn’t always feel that way.

Time can race by or drag on.

And the wriggling, annoying contradiction is:

We all want more time, or even just the illusion of it. But time only slows when we do something boring, like waiting around for the weekend to begin.

We want excitement… but the sense of time that comes from boredom.

It would be amazing if fun dragged and dull raced by.

The interesting thing is we’re not at the capricious mercy of our inner psychology. Through some simple changes to your mind, you can feel time slow down.

If you freak out when I tell you it’s mid-March already, (because, you know, it is,) then you could really use this.

Time doesn’t have to race by. It can stretch luxuriously, even as (especially as?) you live a life that’s more worth living.

You can learn how to let the moments and days slow down a little – and leave you with more time to enjoy – through the Create More Time program (module 13 of 19 in Monster Mind Edukaré). You don’t have to watch your life evaporate – instead, you can take charge and check out this link:


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