Don’t be a centaur: Why you should save minds and feel good doing it

Don’t be a centaur: Why you should save minds and feel good doing it

Let’s get our Greek mythology on for just a moment.

Chiron was a centaur. Unlike most of his kind, he was a wise and noble creature. More than that, he was a great healer.

Apart from him having a horse’s butt, you would do well to aspire to his example.

Or rather, you should live as Chiron lived. You would do well to not die like he died, though. In the course of healing and protecting people, he died by an arrow dripping with hydra venom.

So what’s my point?

“Stay away from hydra venom”?

Great advice, thanks mate.

Beyond that – if you’re going to be a “healer”, whatever that word means to you, then don’t be a wounded one. So many people give themselves to their clients, patients, colleagues, family, children…

I admire their nobility. No one should stop adding value to the world.

But you don’t have to sacrifice yourself to do it.

In fact, you’ll help more people if you look after yourself. The best way to help people is to use you as an example.

If you want someone to feel confident, then you could try explaining the benefits.

Or you could rattle of advice like “make eye contact”.

The better way is to stop talking about confidence and start embodying it. Talk to them respectfully as an equal, while radiating confidence from every part of you.

They’ll learn more from that than from a thousand seminars.

Best of all, this doesn’t demand anything from you. In fact, it enriches you. Guiding someone to a better place teaches you how to do the same. It’s like giving you therapy that benefits them too.

But this sounds like dumb advice too. I’ve replaced “avoid poison” with “be confident”. Or if the person you’re helping has lost hope, then be optimistic.

Or be healthy.

Be whatever they need to be.

That is not helpful – not unless I show you how to embody every strength, virtue or ideal in the world.

Well, I can’t teach you all of them.

But I can teach you 12.

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The sooner you sign up, the more you’ll improve.

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