Feeling lost, stuck or frustrated? Don’t blame 2020

To understate things a tad, 2020 has been a… controversial year.

But don’t blame 2020 for that. The year simply did what years always do – it ticked along, making March follow February and all the rest of it.

2020 didn’t hogtie the economy and toss it in the river – people did that.

If you’re stuck inside, unemployed, unable to follow your hobbies or passions… again, the year had nothing to do with it.

You can blame a lot of folks for it.

Like the jerks who go around licking doorknobs or whatever.

Or the jerks who inflict curfews ‘for your protection’, as if transmission spikes when the sun goes down somehow…

You could spend hours cooking up a list of folks to blame.

… but I can’t think of a worse use of your time than that.

If you want things to change, it’s up to you to change them.

Blaming outsources all responsibility and power to other folks. If you want to do that, that’s your choice…

But it’ll be your last one, as others make all your choices for you after that.

But I get it.

It’s real easy to say “take responsibility!”

How, though? How do you take charge of your life when the world has gone mad and it throws nothing but obstacles your way?

Like with anything else, you do it one step at a time.

I didn’t write Three-Score Navike for 2020 – but I could have. In my prescience, I put together a guide on this premise:

When you want to make things better but you don’t know where to begin… or even have many resources… what do you do?

You nab this – a guide of 60 proven ways to improve your life, feel better, regain control and sharpen your abilities.

Most are lockdown-friendly – free or low-cost, and easy to do anywhere.

It’s simple to start with Three-Score Navike and grow from there.

If you’re looking for a way to recapture anything you’ve lost – either this year or earlier – the first step is to follow this link:


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