Don’t procrastinate – the next bus is worse

They say there’s always another bus coming.

It’s true, sure.

But I tend to catch buses early in the morning. Which means the next bus is slower, has fewer seats, will stop more and has more passengers listening to let’s play videos with the volume cranked up.

So you could delay on this, if you’re happy with a worse deal.

If you want to take advantage of this – my best deal to date?

Then get cracking. It all goes away in less than an hour.

I’m offering everything Monster Mind Edukaré does – all 19 modules of mind sharpening goodness – plus the following extras:

  • An absurdly generous discount – saving you $100,
  • A complimentary copy of Three-Score Navike, to help you stabilise your life immediately,
  • A guide to reconnecting with nature, even when you’re stuck inside,
  • A handy alternative to meditation for training your focus and calming your body,
  • An exclusive podcast on how to handle the anxiety, lack of control, financial stress and social stress of self-isolation. Even if you’re not quarantining yourself, if enough other people do it, it makes everything in life harder. Here’s how to endure that.

These bonuses disappear in an hour or so. Eagle-eyed observers will notice they already should have. A glitch on my end extends the deadline by a few hours, so if you haven’t taken advantage, then this is the last chance.

Get moving, sooner rather than later.

Here’s the link:

P.S. Anyone who already owns Edukaré can enjoy these bonuses too. Simply log on to the owner’s page and download them before the deadline.

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