Don’t Sell with Social Media

Don’t Sell with Social Media

If you’re a hypnotist looking to build your digital reach, you’re gonna think about social media. Everyone’s on it, everyone’s talking about it and it can multiply your impact.

But before you go diving into it, there’s a few things to sort out first.

The main thing is to get your website in order. If someone likes your tweets or posts, they’re unlikely to become a client just like that. They’ll want to see the details, and the best place for that is your website.

Have something good you can point them to.

Then you want to capture their email address. Even if someone follows or subscribes to you on social media, that doesn’t mean they’ll even see your content. Email is much more visible and, yes, personal.

(It cracks me up that Facebook and its ilk talk about how ‘intimate’ their platforms are. Social media is a busy town square, whereas email is inviting someone into your home.)

Once all that’s sorted, you need to figure out where your potential clients hang out. There’s no point upping your retweet game if none of them are on Twitter.

And then, once you have it all figured out, you still need to decide what to focus on.

“I want to focus on selling,” you say. That’s a good instinct to have – always have the end goal in mind with everything you do.

But no, not quite.

I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t sell using social media. Obviously you can and should. The interesting thing is that you get more sales by focusing on something else first.

I can’t claim credit for this idea. It’s a mashup of advice from email legend Ben Settle and someone who wants to remain unidentified.

Each of these two principles work well on their own. For something as personal as the hypnosis niche, though, mix them and you create a special sauce.

It’s something that some hypnotists do extraordinarily well. Most get this balance wrong. I’ll admit I don’t do this well on Twitter, as it’s something I haven’t focused on yet.

But where I do use it, it sets me up as a leader in the field.

More importantly, it’s fun.

If you want the answer, your next move is simple.

All you need to do is wander on over to my Facebook group and I’ll share it there.

I’d hurry, though – I can’t promise how long I’ll keep it up there.

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