Don’t trust mind tech marketing

Yesterday, I came across a Kickstarter campaign that made me laugh for a good minute or two.

I don’t want to say the name, because I don’t know if their product works or not – odds are against it, but nothing’s impossible.

If it’s bogus, I don’t want to drive traffic their way.

And if it’s legit, I don’t want to turn folks off by mocking them.

So I’ll just play it safe and keep it anonymous.

Anyway, the product is a goofy headset that reads your brainwaves, talks to your smartphone and supposedly trains your brain.

Sure, maybe.

But what really got me chuckling was their marketing.

Especially a table where they compare their product to other forms of mind training, like meditation and hypnosis.

They had a lot in common, but there were a few ways this fancy bit of kit supposedly outperforms the rest:

… it’s QUICKER. Which is to say, it takes ten minutes or so to use this device.

Well, that’s good to know. But if it takes ten minutes, it’s as fast as meditation and much slower than self-hypnosis. Heck, I did some deep mind training while walking back from the shops today, so it took exactly zero time.

But that was a cute try anyway.

What’s next?

… it has VISUAL FEEDBACK. I’ll admit, that’s something self-hypnosis lacks… and might have been useful while starting out. Pretty quickly, I started getting clear feedback from my own mind, so I didn’t need external, maybe-even-accurate squiggles in an app.

In my experience, an obsession with metrics will help you get started but work against you before long. Once numbers become your goal, the quality of the experience fades away. I’m sure the tech claims the numbers accurately reflect the qualia of it all, but we don’t even know what ‘creativity’ on a neurological level even means, let alone how to properly gauge it.

So not useless, but not worth the yoke it puts on your shoulders.

And finally?


Naww, how adorable.

If meditation and self-hypnosis – which are proven ways to improve everything from your raw intelligence to your physical health – aren’t ‘real mind training’, then I’m not sure I even want it.

I’ll just stick with the fake stuff that, you know, has millennia of proven effectiveness behind them.

I don’t know if their product does anything. Honestly, I hope it does – how revolutionary would that be? But if your starting point is meditation ‘doesn’t work’ or ‘isn’t real mind training’, then I doubt you’re qualified to build something like this.

Anyway, that’s more than enough criticism.

Especially because they could turn around and accuse me of being low-tech.

The only sensors I need are the ones I was born with… plus a webcam to bridge the distance.

But the way I see it, clever low-tech beats unproven and well-hyped widgets. We’ve all bled on the cutting edge before. The only way to separate the revolutionary from the dead ends is time.

So go with the mind training that’s survived the ruthless filter of history.

With this program, there’s no skill level too low or too high. It starts well before what others call the basics, building to mind training that will never, ever stop pushing you to grow.

And you can get it here, with no delays and no shipping:

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