How to downgrade your brain

How to downgrade your brain

In Doctor Who, the cybermen want to “upgrade” humans into emotionless machines free from pain, sadness, fear and hatred. I take the opposite approach.

The classic Doctor Who villains – the cybermen – are obsessed with upgrading themselves and everyone else. They are human brains in robot bodies, complete with emotional inhibitors and no sense of individuality.

The way the cybermen see it, they live forever, free from pain, hate and fear.

They certainly do. The cost for that is enormous.

Any genuine brain upgrade shouldn’t remove emotions. They’re vital for decision-making – even something as rational as, “I’m thirsty so I should get a drink” relies on feelings. People with damage to their emotional centres can’t make even simple decisions like that.

Besides, a lack of feeling would be dull. They don’t have to live forever – a day would feel like it.

I’m not saying you give in to your emotions. Learning to control them is one of the best investments in life. But control doesn’t mean you stop feeling them – in fact, this frees you up to feel them deeper.

A common side effect of mind training is purer, richer experiences. Anything that tempers your experience of the world leaves you worse off.

All right, enough theory. Let’s talk about how to upgrade your brain.

I’ve put together a list of the simplest, easiest and most fun mind training habits. They’re quick enough you can fit them into your life. You could do all 13 in a day – what I recommend instead is focusing on one each day. You’ll go through the list twice in a month… and what an amazing month that’ll be.

All you need to do is wander over and purchase it. Unlike some of my programs, this book costs pocket change.

And if you buy it and email the receipt before Tuesday 29th January 0700 GMT, I’ll send you a bonus worth many times that.

You can get a lot done on those days where you are energised, focused and motivated. Each is valuable in itself – having all three is like doubling the hours in your day. This bonus mind training teaches you exactly how to access these states of mind.

And it’s all as easy as reading, listening and doing a little thinking. It doesn’t take long – the point of the training is to add hours to your day, after all.

I’m excited about this program – enough to give it away for free.

I have to receive the receipt before the deadline, though. Once time runs out – in about 24 hours or so – this offer goes away. No extensions, no excuses.


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