How this controversial, outrage-inducing, flamewar magnet can lead to inner peace

This product will piss some of you off.

You don’t even have to buy it. The fact it exists will boil your blood.

If you’re the sort of person who thinks Asian people cooking Mexican food is ‘cultural appropriation’, you’ll hate this. Then again, your heart is already so full of hate, so I won’t take it personally.

I happen to believe multiculturalism is a wonderful thing.

I also know that, until folks decided it was woke to say this, “people should stick to their own thing!” was something only full-blown, raving racists would say.

The world has so much to teach us. If I could, I would explore every culture from the perspective of every other culture. Since my time is finite, I’ll do what I can and share what I find.

No one who calls that ‘racist’ knows what the word means. Anyone who can think deeper than a gut reaction can see it’s the opposite of that.

So if, at any stage, you get angry reading this, feel free to scurry on away. This training requires deeper thinking than what you’ve managed.

The Inner Journey of Dr Frankenstein’s Mind

I call it 5 Realms Meditation for a reason.

It’s a journey across a vast ocean, with brief stops in different times and different places.

To create this, I borrowed wisdom from across the planet. I don’t diminish or disrespect any of these cultures – in fact, I celebrate them. I don’t claim to be an expert in any of these – I freely admit to that.

With this, I expose you to some new ways of thinking, from cultures very different from yours. If any of it intrigues you, you’re welcome to learn more from the experts.

(I certainly have.)

I combine these insights into strange and beautiful guided meditations.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking – mostly because I was thinking it too.

Different cultures don’t just have unique points of view – many of them are down-right incompatible. Even Taoism and Confucianism disagree a lot… and they emerged from the same culture. Mix in Christianity, voodoo, Sioux, druidism – there’s nothing compatible there.

It’s like creating Frankenstein’s monster out of people who are too different – adults and children, fat and thin, tall and short…

That’s what I thought when I explored these cultures and traditions.

Instead, I noticed the patterns.

The similarities.

The points where they agreed, even when their ways seemed to clash.

It’s probably my training in hypnosis. I can see how every culture nudges its practitioners into trance, how deep the metaphors go, how underneath the environment and the upbringing, we are all human…

I don’t know if every culture and philosophy is compatible with every other.

All I know is the wisdom from each of these practices enhances the others. Weave them together and you can create something powerfully hypnotic.

Explore these mysterious threads over three months and you’ll learn:

  • How the mindset behind adult circumcisions can transform your identity in moments (Week 9),
  • The religious metaphor that will probably get me death threats… and will help you understand something that defies understanding (Week 6),
  • How to use a lawyer’s teachings to become wise, whole and at peace (Week 10),
  • Why two schools of wokedom are wrong and how you can be right (Week 7),
  • How corporations use a modern take on humanity’s oldest technological revolution to drain your bank account (Week 5),
  • Ways to use your body to think clearer (Week 8),
  • How metaphorically accessing the reservoir of all human knowledge can literally help you think of new ideas (Week 12),
  • A simple yet relaxing, invigorating and purifying ritual that’s 20 times older than the Bible (Week 1),
  • How to train your focus, become more present and enter a trance using a common household item (Week 2),
  • A sinister, ‘Hollywood-style’ hypnosis technique that’s equal to 15 minutes of meditation… in less than 30 seconds (Week 4),
  • The overlap between modern neuroscience and an ancient religion that tells you where your anger really comes from (Week 8),
  • How a fictitious forest can help you feel calm, centred and focused (Week 11),
  • Why cultures who beat innocent young men with whips might be wiser than we are (Week 9),
  • The source of everything in your mind that eventually ‘flows’ out into the world (Week 6),
  • Hypnosis from humanity’s pre-history that’s as powerful and effective as ever (Week 5),
  • The simple breathing exercise that enhances your self-control… even though it doesn’t change your breathing (Week 3),
  • Simple manipulation techniques that’ll unlock your own potential (Week 10),
  • Why building a temple to yourself can lead to divine inspiration (Week 13),
  • An easy way to stop fixating on your problems and focus on what matters (Week 3),
  • Two words from an indigenous culture that tap into your unconscious identity – in a way you’ve been told is ‘irrelevant’ or even ‘racist’ (it’s not) (Week 7),
  • What Europe’s nouveau riche discovered about wisdom, change and personal growth (Week 2),
  • How to enter three different altered states of consciousness in about two seconds (Week 4).

You get all this from listening to a 15-minute hypnotic guided meditation every day for 13 weeks.

That’s all – 15 minutes a day, plus the occasional quick exercise on top of that.

Like lifting a weight, this simple action, repeated with discipline, leads to results.

If you want to gain the wisdom, power and clarity of 5 Realms, then get your hands on it below.