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Are You Sick of Struggling at School or Work?

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A New Way of Thinking Might Hold the Answer

How much of your life relies on your ability to learn?

If you’re in school or university, then that’s all you do each day. But why do some people spend hours grappling with material and scrape by… while others master complex concepts at a glance?

If you’re between jobs, what would learning a new skill do for you? How about gaining a new qualification? Even better, what if you could prove you had a sharp, agile mind… one that could quickly understand any new idea you needed?

Even if you have a stable job, you always need to learn more. Maybe there was a time when you could master a field, then coast on that knowledge forever. If there was, we’re well past that now.

If you want to be better at anything than you were yesterday, you need to learn better. Because, yes, learning is a skill – and it’s not as tricky as you’ve been told.

If you didn’t learn something, then this is why

I’m sure you’ve suffered through school. Maybe you had a dusty textbook pressed against your lap as you bullied your brain into memorising it all. Perhaps you were packed in with dozens of other bored students, pretending to listen to someone drone on and on…

Even on the off chance it was interesting and relevant to you… how hard is it to learn that way?

The brain’s not meant to recall textbooks full of content. Why should it – that’s what technology’s for.

Outside dusty classrooms and crowded lecture halls, you’ve learned all your life. There was a time when you didn’t know how to do anything except breathe, sleep and cry.

As you grew up, you learned to control your body. And through that, you learned to control the world.

You learned the meaning behind the patterns in the sounds around you. And you learned that, by using these patterns, you could engage with people.

You learned a thousand complex rules of language, etiquette and physics before you could read and write.

The best part of all is that you learned all this so easily. It was natural. All you did was play, observe and experiment.

No one had to teach this to you. No one tested you on it. Even so, you mastered it.

The brain has sophisticated learning strategies. You’ve had them since before birth. Your ancestors used them to learn when to plant and when to harvest. It was only recently that tests, textbooks and torment became the backbone of education.

But, as much as you’d like to, you can’t change what you need to learn. You can’t choose to learn in brain-friendly ways – you get given what you’re given.

That’s okay, though. You can set your mind to its ideal learning state at any time. It might not magically make dry facts entertaining, but it will activate your mind’s best strategies for mastering new material.

How, you ask?

By listening to the right sounds.

Yep, that’s all it takes. You already know how sound changes your mood – think of your favourite song and you get what I mean.

The ideal learning state might not be a “mood” but it works the same way.

Failed a test? Doesn’t mean you’re not a genius!

Stop me if this sounds familiar: years ago, I knew someone who was smart. He may have been a genius. And, unlike me, he worked hard and took his studies seriously. Nothing about him suggested that he needed study tips.

Even so, he’d score terribly at tests.

Appallingly, in fact.

His scores lumped him in with the slackers, the burnouts and the people who just didn’t care.

He cared, all right. He cared so much that the exam pressure got to him.

This is a story as old as time. Whether you’re a student facing finals, an artisan with standards to meet or an athlete looking to qualify, it’s hard to keep your cool. You could be the greatest in your field but that’s not enough – you need to be the greatest under testing conditions, otherwise who will believe it?

You need to perform not only when the pressure’s on… but under the constraints of the exam, too.

So how do you bring all those skills, knowledge and talent to the task of the test?

It’s simple: you relax.

Because if the pressure is getting to you, you need to stop thinking and start doing.

Your abilities can’t emerge if you’re caught up in your head.

But, really, that’s not great advice. “Relax”? That probably occurred to you already. If it were that simple, you would have done it.

I get I – I didn’t always know how either. I’ve struggled in the past too.

Now I know how to relax in the moment. I can go into any test or exam, focused and relaxed.

And I can teach you how.

Even better – it’s easy to learn. In fact, all you need to do is sit back and listen. That’s all, because the changes you need are about thinking differently, not thinking more. And you can learn to think differently even as you relax, listen and follow my brain-training audios.

More easily master any material

What if learning became easy, fun and efficient? If you set aside some time each week for honing your skills, what would that do for your career? Or even your life?

Whether you’re a student or professional… that would change everything.

This product includes:

  • Mental coaching that beats the greatest killer of exam performance,
  • Mind training that activates your greatest learning abilities,
  • Sounds to study by that enhance your dormant memorisation and insight abilities.

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