Breathe Freely: Quit Smoking Through Self-Hypnosis

Don’t Quit Smoking Until…
You Know the Best Way How!

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Don’t Quit Smoking Until… You Know the Best Way How!

How many different ways are there to quit smoking?

More importantly, how many of them work?

You don’t want to quit the wrong way. Every attempt to quit is worthwhile, of course. Even the failures teach you about yourself. But wouldn’t it be better to skip the failures?

There are many strategies and approaches. Choosing the best one for you transforms your chances of making the change you know you need to.

Cold Turkey is the Most Expensive Way to Quit

You simply decide to quit. If this works for you – great! But it’s costly and ineffective.

‘Costly’? Yes. It may be free in terms of money, but it costs something far more precious.

Have you ever had a day at the office that left you drained? Even though, physically, you didn’t do much. By the end of the day, you can barely think straight. That’s because just as your body uses energy, so does your mind. A heavy bout of thinking is just as tiring as a heavy bout in the ring.

This ‘mental energy’ is what you spend when you quit cold turkey. You have to fight your own habits and cravings. This is possible, of course, but it isn’t easy. It takes a lot of energy, all the time, to keep on quitting. A single moment of stress, distraction or frustration could see you lighting up again.

How do you guard against something that can strike at any time? The smoking habit is always there, always ready to drag you back into your old life. It knows that fighting it is exhausting. It’s patient. It can wait you out.

Drugs & Supplements Fail to Beat Cravings

Then there’s nicotine supplements – patches, gum, whatever. Can these turn the tide against the smoking habit?

They can help you quit smoking – maybe – but they can’t help you quit nicotine. At best, you trade one addiction for another. And because the nicotine never leaves your system, your body doesn’t get the chance to reset. It’s as if you never quit in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong – chewing gum beats filling your lungs with tar. But I would never call this a solution. As long as you are spending money and polluting your body, you still have work to do.

Even the Best Support Groups Let You Down (and Most Aren’t Even Decent)

Support groups? Now we’re getting somewhere. Support groups can be excellent. The best ones draw on everyone’s strength to get the group through the hard times. They replace the urge to smoke with new, healthier social rituals.

A good support group is a valuable treasure.

But… what if they group isn’t around when you need them? And what if your group isn’t one of the good ones? Then they spend their time fixated on smoking, fixated on smoking, fixated on smoking…

This isn’t quitting. Non-smokers don’t even think about cigarettes.

That is who you want to be.

Free from an expensive, crippling addiction.

Able to breathe deeply and well again.

You want to feel pride in yourself again – to know that, when you need to, you make the right choice. How nice would it be to live longer, save money and earn the respect of your friends? But if it were that easy, you would have done it by now.

And I wish that these solutions worked. Honestly. Smoking is terrible. But, for most people, they don’t work. You can try them and hope for the best…

But it sounds like the best solution would be a support network – a good one that’s always there. One that helps you quit even as you sleep. One that destroys the cravings at their core, freeing your mental energy for other things. Now, wouldn’t that be amazing?

The good news is that it is possible. And that is exactly what I’ll help you build.

Your Inner Support Network – the Easiest Way to Quit Smoking!

Your Inner Support Network already exists. It already has the power to make your cravings vanish, without side effects.

It just has a lot of competition.

Your doubts, your habits, the biochemistry of addiction – all of these things are noisy. But by being guided through your own mind, you can change the volume. You can turn the noise down to a murmur and let your Inner Support Network shine, loud and clear.

You already know the power of your inner mind. Think about when you learned to drive, or some other complex skill. The first time was overwhelming. There is just so much to keep track of. Then, sometime later, driving became natural to you. Automatic. So effortless that you can listen to the radio and drive without any problems. At some point, you stopped having to think about how to drive.

Your inner mind learned what to do and did it. No willpower or patches required.

The Inner Support Network is the same. In time, it will learn how to ignore the cravings and reject the idea of smoking. Once it knows how, it will do so. Nothing more will ever be required from you. Not smoking will be as easy and natural as driving a car.

This is the easiest, cheapest and most natural way to quit smoking – forever.

How to Access the Resources of your Mind to Transform Your Life

Where are these tremendous resources? How do you train your Inner Support Network to do what you need? The answer is hypnosis.

Now, hypnosis is not well understood by many people. It’s not mystical fakery – as you’ll soon learn, hypnosis is very well supported by science. It’s not merely a tool for stage magicians to turn young men into chickens. I like to think of it like this:

Hypnosis is the best way to unleash the power of your inner mind, dissolve obstacles and build resources. If you want to change your life, then hypnosis is the answer.

If you doubt this, even a little, then let me say that the science is settled:

Some researchers found that hypnosis lead to a 60% quit rate after 12 weeks[1].

Other researchers topped this when they found that 81% of subjects stopped smoking after hypnosis. And 95% were satisfied with the treatment![2]

Another group found that “hypnosis was shown to be more effective than standard behavioural counselling, especially over the long term.[3]

Proof of the power of the Inner Support Network!

Yet another study showed that (emphasis mine): “a group that received a single hypnosis session smoked significantly less than a placebo group and a no-treatment group.”[4]

Finally, recent study showed that hypnosis improves motivation and desire to quit smoking.[5]

The truth is, hypnosis works. It isn’t placebo. It’s not mysticism. It is a scientifically proven way to change how your brain and mind function, for the better.

Unleash the Power of Your Mind… in the Comfort of Your Living Room

The only thing left is to find a hypnotist in your area.

Should be pretty easy… right?

Most cities in Australia have hypnotists. Many of these hypnotists can help you.

(My advice: find one with good reviews and a money-back guarantee. What kind of hypnotist doesn’t stand by their results? It’s shocking, I know, but there you are.)

Now, a hypnotist might charge $100s or $1,000s for a quit smoking program. This is excellent value, if you think about it:

Let’s say a packet of cigarettes costs twenty dollars. Then a pack-a-day smoker spends $600 per month on smoking. This means that, even at $1,000 for a hypothetical program, it would pay for itself in less than two months!

Even at $5,000… that’s less than cigarettes cost you per year.

From a purely financial perspective – ignoring the many other benefits – that’s excellent value.

But what if you can’t find the right hypnotist?

Or if the cost of seeing a hypnotist, as reasonable as it is, is too high?

What if you want to “dip your toes” in hypnosis to see if it’s right for you?

Or if you can’t find the time to make an appointment?

Then my use-at-home, self-guided solution is perfect for you.

An “Unfair Advantage” in the Fight against Smoking

Most hypnotists can help you quit smoking.

I specialise in it.

And, like everything else in life, generalists are great. But if you want the best results, talk to a specialist.

As a specialist in helping people quit smoking, I follow a carefully designed program. It goes beyond hypnotic trances to maximise your chances of success. This addresses so many common tripping points that…

… it gives you an unfair advantage at quitting!

Anything that maximises your chances is worth the investment. And nothing maximises your chances like:

Breathe Freely: Quit Smoking through Self-Hypnosis

It contains everything I’d use if we were working together, face-to-face… only at any schedule you choose, anywhere you choose, and a fraction of the price. It is the most effective, most convenient and most affordable way to quit smoking that I can think of.

This is the power of hypnosis at your own fingertips. A drug-free, side effect-free, easy way to banish cigarettes from your life.

This Breathe Freely program will arrive within seconds of you placing the order. Inside, you will find:

  • techniques for eliminating the smoking habit at its core. This frees you from cigarettes without needing any willpower,
  • exercises to permanently lock in your motivation and new identity as a non-smoker,
  • ways to destroy all objections and obstacles – whether in your mind or from your environment,
  • how to turn your friends and family into devoted supporters of the new you,
  • a quick, simple way to wipe out any craving… no matter how strong,
  • the secrets to quitting smoking while staying relaxed and maybe even losing weight!

To increase results and convenience, these incredible resources come in a range of formats:

  • a short eBook compatible with computers, smart devices, Kindles, Kobos and more,
  • MP3 files to induce trance and embed suggestions to quit forever, and
  • a complementary journal to keep you motivated and on track. (And you can download it before you even pay a cent!)

All this, for less than what you’d pay for most other methods of quitting. In fact, it is so affordable that the typical smoker will realise this program pays for itself six times over in the first month! This is why I can say this is one of the best deals you’ll ever receive in your life.

But it gets better. I guarantee your satisfaction. If you buy this program and don’t use it, that’s on you. If you do use it and it doesn’t work, that’s on me. Reach out to me and I will help you identify the true cause of your smoking. If we still can’t figure it out together, then I’ll refund your investment.

To recap, this program can save you $1,000s per year (over AU$7,000 per year for a pack-a-day smoker) AND it comes with a guarantee.

If only all choices could be this easy!

You get everything in Breathe Freely: Quit Smoking through Self-Hypnosis – everything you need to quit easily and for the last time – for only US$95.

Do you really want to wait to finally be free? If not, buy now!

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P.S.: as a thank you for reading this far, enjoy this free quit smoking journal. Follow it for 30 days after you quit and you will see the results. It will help train your mind and keep it focused on your success – the perfect addition to the Breathe Freely program.