The Hidden Formula for Sizzling Conversations

Conversation Hacker - Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Are you…

… an introvert, struggling to talk to friends and strangers?

… the life of the party, eager for deeper interactions with people?

… in sales, looking for more referrals and recommendations to their friends?

… part of the dating scene, hungry for more intimate conversations over candlelight?

Conversations have structure to them. An architecture. And like building a house, it pays to stick to the plan.

Do you get stuck on boring small talk, wondering how to take the talk further?

Do people take one look at you and instantly switch off?

Have you ever tried to “be more authentic”, only to scare everyone away?

When you understand how conversations truly work, it all clicks into place. You will mesmerise people with how easy, fun and natural it is to talk to you.

Are you a therapist, sick of cold, clinical and difficult conversations with clients?

Do you walk through life feeling invisible, ignored and misunderstood?

Do parties frustrate you? Maybe even scare you?

The need for conversation is hardwired into the human brain. We crave them like we crave food and water. The same patterns show up in every culture and time period.

It’s like the Hero’s Journey – a template for storytelling that exists all across the map. No matter how good a writer you are, if you break the formula, no one will like your story.

If you follow the formula, though?

You can write a story that people love – that changes the world.

Conversations are the same. Break the rules and it turns people off.

But if you follow the rules…

… people will find even your small talk witty, exciting and interesting.

… conversations flow naturally, without any effort from you.

… even total strangers will share intimate secrets and follow your suggestions.

You can’t get far in life without mastering conversations. But most other guides are full of confusing jargon. You pay so much attention to how they say to nod, how to hold your hands, what phrases to say…

… you completely disconnect from the conversation!

It’s too much for your conscious mind to track and stay engaged with the person before you.

That’s why Conversation Hacker is so streamlined. It shows how every conversation – from sales to seduction to hanging out with friends – boils down to a 3-step process.

Each step serves a purpose, baked into our DNA by the merciless forces of time. But I’m not going to ask you to memorise these steps.

Once you know what each step does and why, you’ll automatically know what to say in any conversation!

It’s simple enough to master in moments

… flexible enough to work with your natural personality

… and powerful enough to alter the consciousness of people you speak with, transforming you into the most fascinating and influential person in the room.

If you wish people came with a manual, this guide is for you. Once you understand the principles, it becomes so easy to have real conversations with anyone.

You can download Conversation Hacker here and start having better interactions hours from now.

And to make it even easier it comes with a full moneyback guarantee:

Aren’t fully satisfied by the incredible value of this offer? Let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund your purchase. I believe in this product so much all the risk is on me, none on you.

Here’s the link:

“Conversation Hacker is a valuable guide for anyone wanting to improve their conversation skills. Through thought provoking observations and practical exercises, this guide will build your confidence in conversations. Approaching conversations will be easier, navigating small talk less terrifying and you’ll experience more fulfilling and deep conversations. I highly recommend this manual to anyone seeking to improve in conversation.” – Joshua, 2019