Escape mediocrity, one day at a time

If you’re like me and those closest to me, you’re frustrated.

A lot.

Probably every day.

You’re frustrated because you know you can be more, do more and live more. You’re not even scratching the surface of your potential. Your ideal self sometimes feels like they’re on another planet – out of sight and out of reach.

Even so, you know this:

Life is growth and stagnation is death.

You might not ever reach your highest potential, but you can’t resist moving towards it. Self-improvement is addictive, like a drug.

If any of that resonates with you, keep reading. I wrote this book for folk like us.

Avoid the Self-Improvement Conundrum

Let me make a prediction here:

You are hungry to improve, to become a better person.

But you struggle with it.

You bounce from program to program, sometimes spending a lot but rarely seeing the results you deserve.

It’s our great conundrum – how do we improve?

You know you want to change your life, but how?

Is this book the answer?

Is that seminar?

You could spend a lot of effort chasing your tail.

Or worse, doing nothing as the option paralysis gets to you.

My solution to this real and frustrating problem?

Months of Self-Improvement Ideas, Right At Your Hands

Three-Score Navike is more than a book. It’s a guide, an invitation to experiment. I crammed 60 proven and effective self-improvement techniques, so it’s bursting at the bytes with awesome ideas.

  • Proven Ways to Grow. I don’t just give you a shopping list – I explain why each technique works and how to get the most out of it. There’s no need to take my word for any of it. And since any of these could change your life, what will you do with 60 of them?
  • Begin Improving Now. Impatient? No worries. Most of these you can begin today – and all you can try this week.
  • Find Your Next Adventure. With 60 techniques, habits and attitudes, you know there’ll be something – even dozens of things – that work for you.
  • Common Sense Meets The Cutting Edge. Some of these tips are things you’ve heard before… but not many of them are like that. You can learn new takes on classic advice, plus plenty of stuff you won’t hear anyone else talk about.
  • Fun, Laughter and My Humiliation. Sick of self-improvement guides that just dump dry instructions on you? Me too. This guide contains enough humour, stories and (sometimes embarrassing) reflections of my experiences, to keep you reading.

That’s right – I talk about my own embarrassing self-improvement failures, so you can benefit from my missteps. And if you get a chuckle in at my expense, there’s no harm there.

Beat the Biggest Self-Improvement Trap of Them All

The other thing that bugs me – and probably bugs you too – with self-improvement programs is investing in them, then finding they aren’t for you.

Maybe you’re at a different stage in your life than the creator. Who knows.

Either way, I don’t want this to happen to you. Here’s my one-two punch to solve that one for ya:

First up: I couldn’t make it much more affordable than this. Do the maths and you’ll see you get over four ways to improve your life per dollar, plus a few tasty little extras.

Second swing: it comes with a guarantee:

30 day unconditional moneyback guarantee. Aren’t fully satisfied by the incredible value of this offer? Let me know and I’ll refund your purchase. I believe in this product so much all the risk is on me, none on you.

If you’re ready to overwhelm your life with simple to use and powerful new habits, download Three-Score Navike right now:

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