The Faster Way to Mend a Broken Heart

If you live in a sitcom, dealing with heartbreak is fast and easy:

Ice cream, alcohol, strip clubs, bingeing romcoms in your underwear…

In other words, surrender yourself to hedonism.

In real life, not so much. Even if that worked – and it doesn’t – can your wallet and waistline afford that approach?

Then again… maybe we should envy these fictional characters.

That sure beats the way it goes for us.

It can take you days to pull yourself out of the funk.

You can think you’re doing really well – you’re going out again, smiling, remembering how to be single…

Then… bam!

You see something, hear something or even think something that plunges you back into the heartbreak.

When your own thoughts remind you of them, what hope do you have of moving on?


Until you do something about it.

The traditional approach?


A lot.

Randomly, too. You can feel fantastic or just want to unwind, but there it is.

I mean, why not have despair gnaw at your insides while you’re trying to unwind after a long, lonely day? That’s just the way heartbreak goes… right?

Eventually, you’ll forget, the pain will fade and you’ll move on.


You could move through all of that in a few days.

Faster, easier and with less pain.

Heartbreak Panacea teaches you powerful hypnotic tools to release the grip your broken heart has on your life, love and happiness. With its 13 videos and five hypnotic exercises, you’ll learn:

  • why hypnosis can delete the memory of the relationship… but you should NEVER, EVER ask for this (and what to ask for instead),
  • the strange-looking technique, drawn from the annals of nature, that will slash your emotional recovery time,
  • how to literally untether their metaphoric hold on you,
  • three things to do immediately after the relationship ends that can stop your heart from breaking,
  • how to steer clear of toxic positivity (“forgive them and be grateful, no matter how badly they hurt you lol!”) while getting the benefits of that approach,
  • a simple exercise that’s PERFECT for if you have to see them again – it’ll help you stay cool and collected, no matter what they do,
  • the wrong lessons to learn from a breakup and how to learn the right ones instead,
  • ways to say all the things that you need to say to them… even if you never see them again,
  • a simple test to avoid falling into the same sort of relationship next time,
  • how to release anger, sadness, grief, regret and every other negative emotion… in a few seconds.

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