Are You Going to Tame, Frighten or Slay the Monsters in your Mind?

One of two things must be true for you:

  • If you think you have bottomless wells of untapped potential… YOU’RE RIGHT. Your mind doesn’t come with a manual, so no wonder you’re stuck in a low gear!
  • If you think you don’t have any potential, that you’re just not good enough to achieve more than you have… YOU’RE WRONG. You’re capable of ascending to greater heights, and I can prove it!

Now, I’m not the first person to make this claim. Every life coach, snake oil salesperson and cult leader peddles the same line.

Here’s the difference, though.

I don’t pretend to have power over your potential.

I’m not even going to say something cheesy, like you hold that power.

What I’ll say is simply this:

You have monsters in your mind.

Preying on you.

Sabotaging you.

Luring you into ambushes.

When you learn to tame, drive off or slay the monsters in your mind, then – and only then – can you find the wellspring of your potential.

I’m not just speculating – hear it from some of the folk who’ve managed their monsters and are living fuller lives:


Well, my problems have been slayed and I feel incredible. I’m no longer a passenger at the mercy of the problems affecting my experiences. It’s like I’ve just climbed into the driver’s seat, in control of my own mind and life. I’ve not just solved my problems or devised clever solutions, this product made them completely irrelevant, it’s like they never existed to begin with.

Bec Lennon, Canberra

Been stressed about how messy the house was and realised I’ve spent more time complaining than it would have taken to clean it. Now, that work is done and the burden’s off my plate.

Sarah M

A friend recommended me to William after we were discussing personal development. William is gifted at reframing your mind state. He understood what drove me as a person,

He helped me apply strengths I had across to my new goals. I look forward to working with William again in the future.

Joseph Gilland

If not for William, I would not have been able to start to heal my past trauma and find ways to connect with an inner strength that (turns out) was always within me. I now believe strongly in myself and although I still face future challenges and uncertainties (he did not make me superman after all). My journey of transformation has begun, thanks to William.

Andrew Goodman

In everyday life, I am more focused on tasks. I can better identify my thought processes – what are the key things I should focus on, what is noisy chatter that my brain should ignore.

Things seem clearer, brighter, more joyful, even when I do mundane tasks such as washing the dishes. My senses, such as sight and noise, are sharper.

I take notice of what’s around me more.  I feel I get signs in everyday life and am better at listening to advice from conversations with people – these factors are assisting me with deciding I should be doing next. In other words, I feel I am making decisions in my life with more ease.

At times when I do feel overwhelmed, the words and visual images that William used on me during the treatment are clear in my mind and I resort to them for comfort.



Monster Mind Edukaré teaches you everything you need to know about facing your inner beasts… and defeating them.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is.

I don’t care if you “can’t meditate” or whatever.

By the end of this program, you’ll know enough about your own brain to change what needs changing…

Sometimes as simply as breathing in and letting it go.

That’s a big claim, I know.

And I can make it.

I helped all those people above using sophisticated hypnotic techniques to shatter the barriers in their minds. Monster Mind Edukaré teaches you how to do this for yourself. It covers simple meditation and self-hypnosis principles that’ll reprogram your unconscious mind to cultivate greater happiness, focus and success.

And many of the audios and written materials use advanced hypnosis to shake the ground your monsters stand on, bringing them to their knees before you – where they belong!

Did you say “hypnosis”?

Yes, I said this program uses hypnosis. If you reaction to that is to guffaw and burp “hypnosis isn’t real!” or “hypnosis is dangerous!”, then I invite you to click on the little X that’ll close this page forever.

I’m serious. Monster Mind Edukaré requires months of discipline to train your mind. It takes focus like you’ve rarely had to focus before. I make it as easy as possible, but you still need to put the work in.

If you haven’t even spent ten minutes researching hypnosis on Google Scholar, then there’s nothing I (or anyone else) can do to help you.

For everyone else… I’d thank you for being open-minded enough to believe the scientifically-verified truth. But, come on, that would be patronising.

Claim a Werewolf’s Power without getting Bitten

Your mind is full of snarling, drooling creatures from your nightmares… and each needs a different approach.

That’s why Monster Mind Edukaré is so intensive and thorough.  

Here’s the full list of the monsters in your mind… and how to get them to work for you.

1) Tame the Coyote Spirits with the IGNITE System

Coyote Spirits are ancient tricksters who can take many forms.

They’re the “urgent” interruptions that arrive when you sit down to write your novel.

They’re the alluring justifications that let you skip the gym “just this once”.

You can’t fight these aloof and mysterious beings – they’ll slip away when confronted, only to slink back later.

But what if you could tame them?

What if they distracted you from your distractions?

What if they justified ignoring your excuses?

How much could you get done if you found it easier to work towards your dreams than slacking off?

That’s the power of purpose… and the IGNITE System makes your purpose burn brighter than the sun. Even if you did nothing else from Monster Mind Edukaré, this would make your real mission in life easy and fun to pursue.

2) Scare off the Sphinxes with the Expand Your Thinking Guide

Sphinxes guard the doorways in your mind. But they won’t fight you – not if they don’t have to. Instead, they simply propose a riddle.

Riddles force your mind to work in new ways. They can seem unsolvable at first. Once you find the right way to think, the answer is obvious.

You carry barriers in your mind right now. You probably believe some (or maybe all) of this list:

  • I’m not smart enough to succeed
  • Success requires talent, which I don’t have
  • If only I were born at a different time or place, or in a different body
  • I can’t change my brain or my genes
  • Even if I work hard, I won’t succeed
  • I’m just not lucky enough
  • My dreams require money or connections I simply don’t have

I could go on, but that’s starting to get frustrating.

None of these limitations are true. People defy them every day. Even so, these ideas – these riddles – can shut down your aspirations.

The Expand Your Thinking Guide opens up your mind, challenging these beliefs and inviting you to think bigger. Once you can wield your thoughts the right way, no riddle or inner obstacle can defy you.

Heard of the growth mindset? This is that on steroids.

Because when you understand how much bigger and better your mind can be, you see how few obstacles you really have.

The road of your life can take you anywhere you believe it can go. Believe it can go anywhere – on a deep unconscious level –  and you’ll be right.

3) Slay the Minotaur with the Small Pleasures and Mind Habits Training Program

Everything looks hopeless from inside a maze. Everywhere you look, all you see are walls.

But with a slight change of perspective, you can rise above the maze. You can see the difference between going left and going right.

You can see the right way to go.

The Small Pleasures and Mind Habits Training Program invites you to think differently about the world. The Minotaur is mocking you from inside the maze, but you can learn to see things differently.

These aren’t idle theories, though.

A few simple habits can make you smarter and happier every day. Isn’t that worth waking up to each day – the promise of a greater you?

You will see the world differently once you follow the full training guide. Every day, you’ll focus in different ways to see the right path through the maze. Then you can slay the Minotaur and enjoy figuring out how the reach your destination.

4) Consult the Swamp Hag with the Autumn Files

Deep in the swamp lives an ancient crone. Wander into her territory and she might just strip the flesh from your bones.

Approach her the right way, though, and the Swamp Hag will reveal the mysteries of the past and future.

The Autumn Files are a collection of 37 podcasts, each revealing a mystery of the mind. These short audio files contain practical tips for harnessing your dormant brainpower.

And each is short – five to 15 minutes – so you can learn how to use your mind in moments.

Here’s the list of what you’ll get:

  • Hypnosis Mythbusting
  • Instant Relaxation
  • The Memory Defuser
  • How to Reclaim Thwarted Power
  • The Resource Scan
  • Using the World to Hypnotise You
  • How the Body Heals the Mind
  • Meditation without Meditating
  • Positive Thinking without Wishful Thinking
  • How the Mind Heals the Body
  • Using Jealousy to Grow
  • The Financial Placebo Effect
  • Keep Mind Training Interesting
  • The Secret to Easy Mind Training
  • What Is (And Isn’t) Mind Training
  • Brain Training vs Mind Training
  • Rationality and Mind Training
  • Intuition and Mind Training
  • It’s Like Napping 50 Times a Day
  • When Justice Eludes You
  • When You Feel Self-Conscious
  • When You Hate Your Job
  • Grace Under Pressure
  • The Surefire Self-Hypnosis Technique
  • Hypnotising your Heart and Gut
  • Ethical Manipulation
  • The Superhero Secret to Longevity
  • Left-brain Meditation
  • What Happens in the Brain During Hypnosis?
  • Train like a Mental Olympian
  • How Much Mind Training is Too Much
  • Falling Asleep During Meditation
  • Mind Training as a Team
  • How to Easily Stick With this Program
  • How to Sleep on Aircraft
  • The Dangers of Mind Training
  • How to Know You Need Mind Training

A note on these: they’re called the Autumn Files because that’s when I started recording them. Most of them, I recorded while walking around. This means the sound quality isn’t great – you’ll hear plenty of bad weather in the background (seriously, the amount of wind I endure to record these…)

And sometimes my voice sounds tinny or faded.

You’ll also hear traffic, conversations and, at one point, I have to stop when a loud flock of cockatoos fly overhead.

To reach the Swamp Hag, you have to brave the dangers of the swamp. To extract the wisdom from these podcasts, you need to put up with low production values. If that’s a problem for you, feel free to skip the wisdom from this part of the program.

5) Reprogram the Cyborg with the Hack Your Hands Program

Here’s how to lie like a psychopath while still caring about people:

Lying is stressful for most folk. These stress signals are what experts and machines look for to sort truth from deception. Psychopaths don’t care, so they don’t feel the stress of lying.

What if you could control your state this precisely, too?

What if you were like a cyborg, able to change your state of mind with (literally!) the press of a button?

Now, I’m not encouraging you to lie. But if you could choose to relax while bending the truth, what else could you do?

Anything you can imagine.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Feel enthusiastic and optimistic, even when your boss is risking a coronary just to tell you off,
  • Become energetic and creative, even after a long day of soul-crushing tedium,
  • Embrace your charismatic self, even when feeling shy, anxious or withdrawn,
  • Transform into a confident individual in seconds.

And you can use this programming to hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE on a few of your current programs, like feeling stressed when stuck in traffic, or getting angry at the mere sight of your in-laws.

What would you do differently if you had complete control over how you respond to the world?

6) Capture the Siren with the Trance Audio

The Siren uses an irresistible call to pull wayward sailors to their doom, smashing their ships against the rocks.

What if you had something irresistible that worked in your favour?

This simple audio will guide you into a deep hypnotic state. When I say it’s irresistible, I mean it. Even if you “can’t” meditate or “can’t” be hypnotised, this audio will allow you to enter a pleasant and comfortable state of mind.

It’s not perfect. If you listen to it with distractions around you or while you fight it, it might take longer to work.

But listen to this enough and there’s no escaping the wonderful trance state waiting for you.

7) Train the Poltergeist with the Everyday Hypnosis Guide

A determined poltergeist could bring down an empire.

It’s always there. Lurking, waiting for the right moment to strike.

It looks like bad luck – something you can’t avoid. And if it sabotages you at the right time, it could bring you to ruin.

But what if you trained it to work for you?

What if the poltergeist, instead of messing with you, invited you to enter a pleasant, open, creative state of mind?

The Everyday Hypnosis Guide teaches you the many ways you already enter a hypnotic trance. Once you know how to recognise the sensation, you’ll realise how often you enter a trance already.

Once you see this truth about hypnosis, you can use it.

You can learn to master these trances you already enter to break bad habits, think in new ways and rewire your brain from your unconscious to your conscious mind.

Self-hypnosis doesn’t get any quicker or easier once you see how you’re already doing it.

8) Kill the Demon with the Breathe Freely Program

If you’re not a smoker, feel free to skip this one.

If you currently smoke and want to quit, then you could “rely on willpower”. Which would be fine, if not for the Demon. That little voice on your shoulder whispering harmful, seductive lies to you.

Modelled after the scientifically-proven most effective way to quit smoking forever, this program hypnotises you into forgetting to smoke. Not only will you experience fewer cravings, you’ll probably be so happy living as a non-smoker that you’ll forget to want to light up.

Gum, patches, vaping – they can’t offer you anything nearly as good.

Nor can other forms of therapy.

Slay the Demon and that voice on your shoulder will shut up for good.

9) Subdue the Vampire Count with the Mastery & Meditation Guide

Forget these pretty, sparkly vampires. Let’s go old school and talk about the Vampire Count.

The Vampire Count rules with an iron fist. He can control minds and dominate bodies. He can transform anyone he wants into an eager, willing servant. For those he can’t manipulate using dark magic, he still has wealth, prestige, connections and raw power to use.

Mind control is a fantasy, of course…

But what if you could bring all the folk at the top of their fields together, all to teach you how to train your mind?

The best artists, scholars, lawyers, athletes, authors… the best everyone, essentially, all use some form of mind training.

Some use formal meditation practices.

Others simply pay attention to something worthy of their focus.

You can learn how to train your mind the way these superhuman legends do.

This guide covers a range of simple techniques anyone can do. I pulled each from interviews or biographies of success people – more than one in most cases. Suck the mental powers of your heroes right out of their necks.

10) Leash the Valkyrie with the Sleep Well System

In Norse mythology, the Valkyrie guide the souls of fallen warriors to the afterlife. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were there to guide you into a deep sleep?

When everything works well, sleep is as easy as letting someone take you by the hand.

What would a full, restful sleep whenever you need it to for you? How much for focused, effective and happy will you be, knowing you completely recharge every time your head hits the pillow?

Unlike other hypnosis products for restful sleep, this Sleep Well System includes a daytime hypnotic guided meditation to prepare your mind. This repairs the thoughts you have regarding sleep. Then you can easily drift off using the nighttime audio when you’re ready to sleep.

11) Construct the Golem with ReIGNITE

The Golem is an animated statue. It follows its purpose with relentless, mechanical drive. Nothing can distract, delay or deter it.

When your purpose is this strong, you’ll be the same way.

You set your intentions at the beginning. By this point in the Monster Mind Edukaré program, your mind has completely changed. Which means it’s time to refocus on your purpose and see what needs changing, clarifying and strengthening.

Your purpose, mission and passion rise with every effort and win you earn. This ensures you stay aligned and moving powerfully towards your vision. Every action relentlessly marching you right for what you see in your deepest fantasies.

12) Destroy the Hydra with the Problem Slayer

I could talk about how your problems are like the Hydra. Try to fight it and it only comes back stronger. You need to be smart in how you want to defeat this insidious beast.

Instead, I’ll let my clients do the talking:

I undertook The Problem Slayer due to a mounting a series of workplace frustrations, incidents of bad timing, and otherwise discouraging series of events that had compiled in my life. It was recommended not as a cure all, but as a simple yet powerful way to start me down a path that would ultimately allow me more control, more freedom and heightened clarity of though on how to overcome life’s obstacles. Having completed it, the frustrations which clouded my mind and led to a sense of quiescence with life were able to be easily compartmentalised, dismantled, and discarded. They have been replaced with a new sense of ownership and an emphasis on positive action.

Simply put. It works.  The exercise requires nothing strenuous, and nothing more of you than a problem that needs fixing, as well as your time to fix it. The Problem Slayer may be as far as you want to go with this learning, or it could be the first step in completely rewiring your perspective on life.

Martyn, Canberra

The problem slayer is exceptionally well designed. The user guide is engaging and very easy to follow. It’s hard to believe, but there’s only 4 steps to something that evaporates your problems! The exercises that guide you through defining the problem were so valuable – even before watching the video.

One of my problems involved experiencing significant stress in a specific social situation. Now I can’t even access those old feelings in these moments. I feel free to simply enjoy the situation and even grateful for the experience.

I’ve since repeated the exercises for 3 more issues (ones that seemed insurmountable) with consistent and exceptional results.

This product is so quick to use (less than 20 minutes!) and vanishes the problems so completely, it could be a magic trick. Only it’s not. It’s better because this is real, deep and meaningful change.

Now I have the Problem Slayer at my fingertips I feel as if I can resolve almost anything. It’s empowering to have so much influence over my own state of mind. It’s really astonishing what William has developed here.

The best part is, now I have this product, it’s always going to be there. I can resolve problems and reduce the stress in my life any time I need to. The future seems much brighter and more interesting. I’m confident I can resolve as many problems as I need to with this process, even the ones I don’t even have yet.

This is the kind of product that will change your life, and not just once. William’s product has absolutely changed mine. If you’re ready to stop getting in your own way too and want to unshackle your mind… Well, there’s no better way to start than with the problem slayer.

Bec Lennon – Canberra

There you have it, folks. Got a problem? Slay it dead.

13) Recruit the Angels with the Create More Time Program

Angels descend from the heavens to bestow gifts on mortals.

Health and vitality.

The ability to heal the sick.

Prophecies and warnings.

Not to get greedy or anything, but what if you could put in a request?

Like, say, for more time?

Obviously, short of a time machine, you can’t add more minutes to your day. And yet, haven’t you had days that disappear before your eyes and nothing gets done?

Or days where time flows slowly and you tick off your checklist at a steady, comfortable pace?

It’s not all down to chance. You can train your mind and focus in ways that supercharge your productivity and slow your perception of time. Not only will you do everything you plan on, you’ll even have time to put your feet up and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

14) Pacify the Harpies with the Accelerated Learning System

Harpies like to scavenge jewels, treasures and all-things shiny. They fly great distances and attack unsuspecting travellers and merchants. They then bring their spoils back to the nest.

I don’t know about you but, for me, that’s a perfect metaphor for learning.

And how much of your life relies on your ability to learn?

If you’re in school or university, then that’s all you do each day. But why do some people spend hours grappling with material and scrape by… while others master complex concepts at a glance?

If you’re between jobs, what would learning a new skill do for you? How about gaining a new qualification? Even better, what if you could prove you had a sharp, agile mind… one that could quickly understand any new idea you needed?

Even if you have a stable job, you always need to learn more. Maybe there was a time when you could master a field, then coast on that knowledge forever. If there was, we’re well past that now.

If you want to be better at anything than you were yesterday, you need to learn better. Because, yes, learning is a skill – and it’s not as tricky as you’ve been told.

The next time you struggle to learn something and it won’t quite stick, you’ll know why.

And you’ll know what to do about it.

You’re a natural genius at learning. Think of everything you didn’t know a decade ago – most of that you learned naturally and unconsciously. When you bring these effective unconscious learning strategies to every topic, you unleash your inner learning superstar.

15) Exile the Dragon with Your Mind Inside

Dragons hoard treasure. Not just gold, but knowledge, weapons and magic, too.

Some do it because they’re greedy.

Others do it to protect mortals from themselves. They know if their hoard falls into the wrong hands, it’ll lead to disaster.

Your unconscious mind is like this wise and noble dragon. There are things in your mind you’re not ready to face yet. You need to become stronger before you can handle them.

This is why your brain represses memories and even buries your potential.

Ever have days where you’re suddenly twice as charming as usual?

That’s a buried resource bleeding through.

This guide contains advanced meditation techniques, all explained as if you’ve never meditated before. Follow the instructions inside and you’ll explore your unconscious mind in ways you’ve never imagined before.

Every time you enter a trance, you grow stronger and more capable. Your mind better able to:

  • control your own thinking,
  • release harmful emotions,
  • break those thought loops that keep you fixated on the wrong thing,
  • access deep reservoirs of joy, calm, strength, confidence, clarity, creativity and more.

You grow until you eventually become worthy of claiming the Dragon’s hoard as your own.

From there, the things in your life that seem so awful will not even faze you.

16) Build Frankenstein’s Monster with Unlock the Vault

Many of these programs guide you through self-hypnosis exercises. Unlock the Vault hands you the keys, letting you construct exercises of your own.

Each part of your body and mind contains some intelligence. For example, when you take a step, some of the processing happens in your brain, while some of it happens in your gut, hips and legs.

Outside of conscious awareness, your body processes information from the environment. And it sends instructions to your limbs and organs.

The same thing happens inside the mind. What feels like a single consciousness is the result of several different minds – many of which are unconscious to us – all sewn together and zapped by lightning.

But just because it’s outside conscious awareness doesn’t mean it’s outside your control:

All the things I thought I couldn’t do.

30 days. That’s all it took. Learning self-hypnosis (with Unlock the Vault as my guide) has shown me exactly what I can do.

I can enter a trance at will. I can do it pretty fast too.

I can enter trance with my eyes open or closed.

I can do this in public or private places, with company or without (I especially like the floating arm experiment).

I can achieve multiple states and move between them.

I can focus clear my mind with ease.

I can have fun.

I can learn a lot from my own mind.

I can interact with my inner landscape and shape my own journey.

I can enjoy my own company and build a healthier internal dialogue.

I can boost my creativity and emotional state.

I can choose to take control and set goals for my inner journey… or I can just dive in and go with the flow.

I can feel the results, and now I have started on this journey I won’t ever be the same again. But that’s ok, because I was ready to embrace my best self and I’m closer to that with each practice. Hypnosis has become a part of my daily existence and I love exploring it.

William, you’ve helped me identify what is not only possible, but how to achieve my goals faster and smarter with more effective mind training. So, thanks for an incredible product!

Unlock the vault continues to bring me so many great experiences. Applying the techniques has taught me so much about self-hypnosis… and about myself. All in a month! Glad to be proven wrong on what I previously felt was difficult or impossible and very excited to find out where self-hypnosis will take me next.

Bec, Canberra

17) Soothe Azathoth with I, Nothing

You can learn meditation and it will change your life.

And this program goes so much deeper than that.

Most of what folk mean when they say “meditation” is introductory level. Don’t get me wrong – you could spend years, even decades, learning mindfulness. It’s a worthy goal in and of itself.

And yet, mindfulness prepares you for what comes next.

Of all the eldritch beings in the Cthulhu Mythos, my favourite is Azathoth – the eternal, hungry void at the centre of the universe. It doesn’t need to scheme or plot or recruit cultists. It’s the nothingness at the end of time. From its void it spewed the universe. One day, it will draw it back in to its endless mouth.

So naturally I modelled meditation training after it.

This is what monks at monasteries aspire towards – meditation so deep, you dissolve your self. You leave nothing of you left – no thoughts, no awareness, no time, no space, no mind, no body. And in this state, you connect with the truth of your own existence.

It takes decades to master this.

But these hypnotic guided meditations offer you a taste of it. And a simple taste, even for a moment, might be enough to free you from all your limitations, your doubts and your baggage.

It’s like you’ve been wearing a mask your whole life, only seeing the world through tiny pinpricks. Then you remove the mask and warp it, so it never quite fits back the same way.

This style of meditation isn’t common… mostly because it can trigger problems. If you follow the program up to this point, you’ll be strong enough to tame Azathoth without any worries.

And once you do, nothing will be the same.

18) Domesticate the Werewolf with the Hall of Heroes

We all play different roles in life. We’re different as friends than we are as colleagues, as citizens compared to children, as lovers as opposed to parents.

Werewolves take this to the extreme, playing different roles under the moonlight than under the sun.

So why not be that extreme too?

What if you, too, could change as drastically as a werewolf under a full moon?

What if you could step inside the skin of whoever you needed to be?

The perfect entrepreneur.

The perfect friend.

The perfect lover.

You can become whoever you want, right whenever you needed it.

The Hall of Heroes creates a place in your mind where you can store and retrieve these alter egos, sliding between them in seconds.

How much easier and more fulfilling will your life be when you’re always perfect for it?

19) Control the Muse with What Comes Next

They say all good things must come to an end.

I don’t agree. Good things never end – they inspire you to continue. They become the first step of something that keeps on rolling, forever into your future.

This is your Muse, a final spark of inspiration.

This program may end, but mind training never stops.

These monsters lurk inside you – it’s time to face them

How long can you afford to wait?

How many opportunities, relationships or even moments of happiness are you going to let them steal?

They’ve already gorged for so long, growing fat and strong from the lifeblood of your mind.

It’s time to say no more.

You can access this full program, with all 19 modules, right now. All it takes is the one-off investment of US$361 – or only $19 per module.

Your purchase will include a login for a page on my website. This page contains all these modules, allowing you to download them at any time in the future, from anywhere with internet access.

But it gets even better:

Every now and then – maybe once a month, maybe twice a year – I’ll add some material to Monster Mind Edukaré. And when I do, existing customers can download it at no extra cost.

But those bonus extras don’t hang around forever. After a little while, they disappear.

Which means the sooner you buy this program, the more bonuses you’ll have access to. You can grab them when they pop up and before they vanish forever.

So you could wait and gain access to a fraction of the content…

Or you could invest in yourself and face your inner monsters immediately.

Satisfaction Guarantee

With so much content at such a reasonable price, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied. To be certain you’ll like what I offer, I provide samples of my work at no cost. This means I won’t offer refunds for folk who change their minds or realise how much discipline this program requires. All sales are final. If there is a technical problem with your purchase, please contact me and I’ll do my best to resolve it.

Medical disclaimer

This product and its author make no medical claims. Please consult a qualified professional for serious physical or mental health issues. Many of these programs are contraindicated for anyone with a history of psychosis. Again, seek professional advice before continuing.