Trance Day 2021

I think I’m well overdue to invent a new holiday.

Who knows – this one might exist already – but it’ll be new to me.

Introducing… Trance Day 2021.

Pay attention if you would like:

  • Greater focus,
  • More clarity,
  • Deep relaxation,
  • Enhanced creativity,
  • Inner connection,
  • Emotional balance,
  • And, for some of you, an enticing sense of bliss…

… then Trance Day is for you.

You already know the benefits of regular meditation. I won’t belabour the point, because you get how it helps every part of your life.

With Trance Day, you’ll get all the benefits of deep meditation… without any of the difficulties!

It doesn’t matter if you zone out or lose focus.

All you need to do is show up, turn off all distractions and listen to my voice.

That’s it – nothing more.

Trance Day signups are currently closed. Be sure to subscribe to learn when they reopen: