Unlock the Vault: The Art of Self-Hypnosis v2.0

Seize Control of Your Mind
When You Learn Self-Hypnosis

Most of the universe is dark matter and dark energy. Everything that we can see and experience makes up less than 5% of the cosmos. We are scraps of matter, floating on an unknown reality.

Most of your mind is invisible to you, too. Your unconscious experiences are billions of times vaster than your conscious ones.

When you use the power lying inside, everything changes.

Unlock the Vault: The Art of Self-Hypnosis v2.0 teaches you how.

  • Gain the mental powers of a Buddhist monk, without spending decades in a monastery,
  • Boost your creativity… using exhaustion,
  • Learn seven distinct self-hypnosis inductions that are easy, effective and fun to use,
  • Solve your unsolvable problems using this street hypnosis gimmick,
  • Bypass any difficulties by knowing how to troubleshoot your trances,
  • Accelerate dozens of areas in your life, including relationships, career and personal growth,
  • Consciously change your perception of time,
  • Become a success magnet by tweaking the instincts that keep you alive,
  • Literally hallucinate your ideal future into existence,
  • Think so intensely that it burns calories,
  • Absorb more information, boost your IQ and improve your relationships with one simple exercise,
  • Overcome insomnia, free yourself from pain and boost your immune system.
  • Never be bored again – learn how to turn downtime into private training time,
  • Instantly relax, no matter what is happening outside,
  • Learn how your brain naturally enters the flow state,
  • Uncover the secret shamanic technique for seeing the world as animals do,
  • Add the missing element to your daydreaming that turns it into intense brain training,
  • Think faster, clearer and stranger than you ever have,
  • Learn the problem with affirmations and how to do them right,
  • Create better habits that stick, even if you have no willpower,
  • Shred the negative thoughts that keep you from the life you deserve.