Can You Really Create More Freedom, Flexibility and Personal Power…?

You Can – When you Train the Hidden Parts of your Mind with Self-hypnosis

Most of the universe is dark matter and dark energy. Everything that we can see and experience makes up less than 5% of the cosmos. We are scraps of matter, floating on an unknown reality.

Most of your mind is invisible to you, too. Your unconscious experiences are billions of times vaster than your conscious ones.

Your unconscious mind controls your behaviour. It’s where your old beliefs, inner demons and greatest resources reside. From deep inside you, they shape your habits, intuitions, motivation and even your health.

Your conscious mind is like a computer program. With the right software, you can do amazing things.

But to really use a computer’s full power, you need to work on the operating system.

Unlock the Vault: The Art of Self-Hypnosis v2.0 shows you how to access hidden thoughts. From there, you can change almost any part of your personality, thoughts or mental abilities.

It’s as if you found the control panel inside your brain.

The book teaches you how to:

  • Gain some of the mental powers of a Buddhist monk, without setting foot in a monastery,
  • Use exhaustion to boost your creativity,
  • Use seven distinct self-hypnosis inductions to quickly and easily access your unconscious thinking,
  • Find more answers for your unsolvable problems using a street hypnosis gimmick,
  • Bypass almost any difficulties by knowing how to troubleshoot your trances,
  • Strengthen dozens of areas in your life, including relationships, career and personal growth,
  • Relax better and work harder by consciously changing your perception of time,
  • Become a success magnet by tweaking the instincts that keep you safe,
  • Literally hallucinate your ideal future into existence,
  • Think so intensely that it burns calories (using this, I spent a week eating junk food and walked away thinner),
  • Absorb more information, boost your IQ and improve your relationships with one simple exercise,
  • Sleep well most nights, free yourself from pain and boost your immune system,
  • Never feel bored again once you learn how to turn waiting in line into a training opportunity,
  • Instantly relax, no matter what is happening outside,
  • Naturally enter the flow state,
  • Use the secret shamanic technique for thinking beyond your usual thoughts,
  • Invent your own brain training program as easily as daydreaming,
  • Think faster, clearer and stranger than you ever have,
  • Learn the problem with affirmations and how to do them right,
  • Create better habits that stick, even if you have no willpower,
  • Shred the negative thoughts that keep you from the life you deserve.

All you need to do is follow the button below. You can download the guide immediately and apply the lessons in minutes.