Dr Facebookstein’s Laboratory of Mad Experiments

Dr Facebookstein’s Laboratory of Mad Experiments

It’s time to spike (and dye) your hair, don a lab coat and work on your maniacal laugh. Yes, folks, it’s time to channel your inner mad scientist.

Because social media is a great lab for your evil experiments.

Even if you don’t have much of a presence, it works. In fact, if all you have are friends and family, you have all the raw materials you need to create something.

If anyone has ever called you mad (mad, I say!) here’s your chance to prove them wrong.

You’ve researched your market, figured out how you can help them and the right words to use. You develop a product and a sales letter to sell it.

What comes next?

Why, you test it, of course.

Ask potential clients (or current clients) to read your offer and see what they think. Does it compel them to act? If not, what’s missing? Note that most people don’t know marketing, so you’re not looking for advice. Simply gather their reaction to it.

That’s nice and fast. People who like reading will go for that.

What’s a little slower is having potential clients go through your product or service. If you offer books or audios, send volunteers your draft copy. If you’re selling your hypnosis services, run them through a session.

And you find volunteers through social media. All you need to do is ask. If people know your stuff is good, they’ll leap at the chance for a free, pre-release version of your product. Or for services, a guaranteed spot on your schedule.

Of course, it’s not “free”. You offer it on two conditions. You make these clear and you capture them in writing:

They have to provide you specific feedback on what they liked and didn’t like.

They have to provide a written testimonial. This includes agreeing to use their name and words to sell your stuff.

That’s still an amazing deal, but some people are private or whatever. That’s fine, don’t use them – there are plenty of other people around.

Now, one word of advice:

Be selective with who you offer this to.

Start with people you know in real life, so you can hassle them if needed. People who love your work will usually follow through, so they’re great choices too.

Avoid flaky people who never follow through on commitments. This should be obvious why.

Stay clear of negative or critical people. They won’t give good feedback or testimonials, so it’s a waste of time.

Dismiss anyone who makes a big deal about “not having enough time” or that they’re “doing you a huge favour”. You’re doing them the favour by offering. Yes, you benefit, but they benefit more. Never forget that.

If you struggle to find people you can trust who are willing to help you, think about what that means for your life. In the meantime, go to forums, groups or wherever potential clients hang out. Ask for volunteers there. You might have to screen people and, since dealing with strangers, you might want them to sign something.

You have millions of guinea pigs for your experiments. It just takes a little research to find them.

The other approach is to talk to a professional.

If you don’t want to do that, then talk to me. I’m sufficiently trained in the fields of marketing and hypnosis to help your business sing, shine or soar.

I lurk at places like the link below. Say hi if you’re interested:


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