If it’s in a dragon’s hoard, it must be good

It’s one of the great archetypes:

A powerful dragon, radiating physical things like heat and smoke, abstract things like savagery and destruction.

These great and dreaded wyrms have the means to destroy entire villages – even entire kingdoms.

Defeating one is an act of self-defence against the forces of nature.

It’s not all altruism, though.

After all, what pile of treasure could compete with a dragon’s hoard?

That’s sort of how your mind operates. There are ancient and mighty monsters lurking in your unconscious, ready to bring havoc at any time.

Defeating them would be great for you, in the sense that you no longer have a bad thing to worry about.

It’s also great because you uncover riches. It’s not just removing a negative, but adding a positive too.

That’s why I chose the dragon for module 15 in Monster Mind Edukaré.

Edukaré is an intense mind training program. I start at the basics, assuming you know nothing about self-hypnosis or meditation. By the end, you have a level of self-mastery over your mind that might surprise you.

Think about a big challenge for you. Maybe it’s quitting smoking, exercising more or letting go of your anger.

Now, imagine you did that by accident – a side effect of becoming in tune with your unconscious mind.

That’s what Edukaré offers – and you can grab it here:


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