Why I love dream logic

Why I love dream logic

I’m the sort of person who remembers their dreams. The more intense my day goes, the more likely I’ll entertain myself through sleep. But I’m not a lucid dreamer – I’m happy to sit back and go with the flow.

One of my favourite things about dreams is just how open you are to everything. I call it dream logic, because it certainly isn’t normal logic. The weirdest things happen yet you’re never confused – not for long, at least.

I’ve had dreams where I was speaking to my grandmother and suddenly I’m talking to my best friend. “Hang on,” I’d say, “weren’t you just…?”

“Yeah,” my friend would say, “that’s because I have a puppy. See?”

“Oh. That makes sense.”

That’s dream logic. No matter what happens, it makes sense.

Times, locations, events, emotions – they can all bleed into one. Anything in a dream can change, with no pattern or logic to it. It always seems right in the moment.

It’s the way your unconscious sees the world and you’re never more unconscious then when you’re dreaming. Your consciousness dissolves, leaving only a different you to experience everything.

No questions.

No judgement.

You simply experience everything.

You sometimes do, say or think strange things, except they’re only strange when (or if) you remember them consciously.

One of the roles of your mind is to make sense of the world. On some level – the level of dream logic – everything makes sense.

And that, my friend, is the key to your success. In what way are you making sense of things? Let’s say you ask someone out and they reject you. That’s an event in the world. How does your mind make sense of it?

“Oh no, I’m ugly and worthless and I’ll die alone.”


“Oh well, no one wins every time. Maybe I’ll do better with the next person.”

Same event with two different narratives… and a world of difference between these two lives. Sure, you might want to think like the second…

But wanting isn’t enough.

It takes action.

You have to retrain your mind from the inside out. Affirmations might budge the needle (if you do them right). Being bold and tasking risks transform your life.

But to really get at the core of your sense-making machine…

Well, that requires more than just hard work. It takes the right sort of mind training that changes everything.

And you can begin today and here:


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