The dream that launched 100 pages

I was chewing on a problem, oh, about a month ago.

I’d been chewing on this for a while – I think a year or more – but I couldn’t make much progress with it.

And as events followed events over the last while, it became more and more important to get this right.

But I couldn’t see the answer.

Until I had a gratuitously symbolic dream – vivid and full of destruction.

As I watched everything disintegrate into light and dust, I wasn’t scared or angry. I had a moment of pure clarity, as if I suddenly knew the true face of the enemy I was fighting for so long.

That dream would have made Simon Sinek proud, because it had the Why and the How.

From there, figuring out the What was easy.

Anyway, there’s nothing worse than hearing someone talk about a dream, so let’s talk about what that means for you. Since then, I’ve written about 100 pages of the most focused, unique and powerful content of my career. This was stuff I didn’t dare think until I had to – then, it all came together.

If you’re looking for a new direction in life that aligns with your true purpose…

… or how to build your life, free of fear, anger and anxiety…

… or if you work with people and want to enhance your influence skills…

… or you see a lot of suffering in the world and want to help folks overcome it…

(… or all of the above…)

… then stay tuned, because early next year I’m launching exactly what you need to create that and more.

In the meantime?

You can get a head start on some of it with Monster Mind Edukaré. It’s not essential to have Edukaré for this mysterious new thing on the horizon, but it complements it well.

Begin here:

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