Dumbo’s magic cigarette

Dumbo’s magic cigarette

People smoke for excellent reasons. It varies from person to person, but smokers are always after something amazing. For some, they do it to relax or to focus. Some do it to fit in. Others gain confidence or it helps them be smooth in social situations.

(Never underestimate the value of a few seconds of thinking time.)

I don’t know what your reason is. It’s something worthwhile, though – worth the cost (financial and otherwise) of your smoking habit.

The problem is it’s nonsense.

It’s a little like Dumbo’s magic feather. There’s no magic in the cigarette – whatever it gives you, you already have inside you.

There’s no chemical in cigarettes or otherwise that make you confident. If there were, Big Pharma would sell pills of it for a thousand bucks a hit.

And no chemical makes you smooth in social situations – again, where’s the product on our shelves? These companies don’t leave money on the table like that.

Cigarettes don’t help you relax – that’s chemically impossible. They don’t help you focus. They can buy you a few seconds of time in a conversation – but so can a thousand other things.

Many people who smoke struggle to quit because they think they’ll lose their confidence or whatever.

The confidence doesn’t come from cigarettes.

The magic was inside of you all along.

Once you find better ways to access the magic, quitting is easy. Once you’re meeting your needs, even withdrawals are easy to ignore.

Maybe you know all this consciously. Maybe you don’t believe it yet.

All you need is the right system. Have that and everything slots into place.

With this, you’ll naturally find healthier ways to create whatever you need. If cigarettes have been your only way to be smooth in conversations, this will train your mind to find another way.

As quickly and easily as listening to some audios and doing some simple exercises.

Because if you’ve been spending your time, money and health to find the magic inside you…

What would you be willing to do to create a better way?

Anyway, that’s just a thought.

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Photo by Jenelle Hayes on Unsplash

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