The EA Games Guide To Awesomeness

EA Games has attracted a lot of hate over its long lifetime. If you’re not a gamer, you might struggle to see why. How could a video game company earn such disdain?

There have been a few controversies.

They have a habit of churning out the same games year after year. In 2015, they released a soccer game. Then the same game in 2016, with a few tiny updates. Then 2017, and so on. Same for basketball and a few other sports, going back decades.

Okay, that’s not a problem. Sure, it’s a shameless cash grab but you don’t have to buy them.

What’s harder to ignore is how they buy up indie studios who make awesome games, drive away the talent and churn out low-grade sequels until the franchise withers.

And then there are multiplayer games where if you pay extra, you get much better equipment. Kind of takes the fun out of it when you can pay to beat your friends.

Then there is loot boxes, which is gambling targeted at kids.

Some of their games are fun… but they don’t seem to respect their customers.

Anyway, why are we rambling on about video games – things that hardly qualify as self-improvement?

Because at one point, EA had a genius slogan:

“Challenge Everything.”

That’s what I invite you to do.

Or, at least, challenge something.

Spend a moment to think of something that’s obviously true. I don’t mean something from physics, like the speed of light in a vacuum. I mean something from the humanities.

Something about psychology, culture, philosophy, ethics or simply the best way to live.

Find something you think is true, then challenge it.

How do you know it’s true?

If it weren’t, what would that look like in the world?

Is that true under all conditions for all people? Is there anyone – individual or culture – who defies this truth of yours? How does that work out for them?

Be sceptical of any answers that come too quickly or feel rehearsed. The point is to think – if you don’t feel it taxing you, you’re not thinking hard enough.

Don’t remember why you believe what you believe. Prove it from first principles.

So that’s one way to enhance your life.

But if self-improvement really interests you, what would you do with more techniques than you can use?

Like, say, 60 of them?

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