The easiest way to live a good life

The easiest way to live a good life

Just before writing this, someone accused me of having good willpower. I’ll admit it sure looks that way. I have a relatively restricted diet, I take cold showers and my productivity is through the roof.

The key isn’t having good willpower, though.

It’s having urges that are good for you.

Cold showers are easy when you crave that icy burn on your skin.

And writing is easy when it’s more fun than almost anything else.

A lot of physically well-built individuals tell you to listen to your body. Your body will tell you what it needs. But for most of us, it’s telling us it needs cheesecake and three hours of YouTube.

So how do you train your instincts to crave what you need, not what you want?

Well, I’ll admit it does take a little discipline. You have to want to make the change.

But we all know wanting to improve isn’t enough.

You can want to put down the remote and pick up a dumbbell, but you still not do it.

It’s like sometimes your instincts are wholesome, genuine and constructive.

And sometimes they’re not.

Sometimes you want to eat right, exercise, enrich your mind and work hard.

Then there are times when raw, degrading hedonism takes over.

The easiest way to live a good life is to want to live it.

It’s nice when your instincts align with your highest intention.

Why do they not always align?

Well, maybe they’ve never sat in the same room together.

Maybe your greatest ambitions are right here and your urges are over there.

One of the great things about self-hypnosis is it gets you talking to yourself. It brings your different resources, goals, memories, emotions and desires into the same playing field. From there, they can start to learn from each other, choosing to cooperate instead of pulling in different directions.

Your mind wants you to be happy, fulfilled and successful.

It just doesn’t always know what that means… and when it doesn’t know, it guesses.

Sometimes well, sometimes poorly.

Until you use self-hypnosis to teach your instincts what you really desire.

You might not know the first thing about self-hypnosis. Or maybe you’re quite experienced. Either way, these exercises are among the easiest and best ways to advance your skills:

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