“Eat the rich” is a prison for smoothbrains

You might have seen the meme that invites you to replace the phrase ‘the economy’ with ‘rich people’s yacht money’.

As in, “how do we stop covid while also protecting rich people’s yacht money?”

Uh huh, interesting.

Challenge: name one economic downturn that didn’t hit the poorest people hardest.

Bonus challenge: explain how the lockdowns, which wipe out low paying and some middle class jobs without hurting the investments of the rich, will buck that trend.

Go on, I’ll wait…

‘tHe riCh’ aren’t the enemy. The folks who solve climate change will make crazy coin doing it – and good on them.

If you can’t tell the difference between someone who offers value to society and is rewarded for it… with someone who punches Tiny Tim in the face…

… then I can’t help you with the anxiety you probably feel.

I’m not saying I won’t help you – I’m saying I really can’t.

Part of the problem is I (gasp!) charge money for my services. I know, I know.

Part of the problem is you blame a diverse class of folks for your challenges. If you don’t see how you keep creating and recreating your problems, then no one can help you overcome your challenges.

No hypnotist is good enough to help you if you won’t take any responsibility. Blaming others means they must be more responsible for your life than you are.

Before you accuse me of getting political, it’s the same reason why I can’t help racists. My methods don’t work for eager victims of any persuasion or flavour.

My politics aren’t ‘left’ or ‘right’ but ‘up’ – the direction you need to stand.

I’m not looking for clients who’ll see me as another authority figure to blame.

But, hey, maybe you could get diagnosed with a disorder and go on medication. As you give money to major drug companies, try not to choke on the irony of it all.

Sure, sure, society has some cracks in it – deep problems right to the foundations.

Some rich folks do terrible things and get away with it.

What are you gonna do – tweet about it?

If you want to stay out of their clutches and push back, you start with yourself.

Make your life as great as you can.

Then help the people in your circles do the same.

Don’t worry about saving the world because this is how you do it.

But this has been fun and lollypops talking about this… except I haven’t covered one teensy detail:


Well, I’m working on something exactly for that. You’ll probably hear specifics from me in less than a month.

In the meantime, these 60 strategies are the quickest, simplest and easiest ways to level up your life.

They won’t stop you getting fired or deplatformed or whatever – because what possibly could?

But they will help with the parts of that situation you can directly control – which is all the parts that, in the long run, matter.

All the stuff you can’t control directly gets easier when you grow like this.

Here’s where you get them:


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