Elevate your life to base hedonism

Hedonism sure gets a bad rap. It conjures up images of too much women, wine and song.

Sure, those things are fun.

But it’s hardly a fulfilling life if it revolves around those.

Purpose, duty, discipline – these are what they tell us are more important than base pleasures.

But since this is the Christmas season, let’s rethink hedonism for a moment. For this is the season of feasting, wine and song – plus a healthy slug of consumerism.

For most of us, we’re never as unspiritual as we are now.

So let’s use that.

Let’s make hedonism our north star.

And let’s avoid the usual consequences of the life of wild partying.

Because here’s the thing:

When writing becomes fun, you write.

When working out becomes addictive, you work out.

If you need to chase more opportunities, then make the case more fun.

Make being the best person you can be the most thrilling game ever.

There’s nothing wrong with the pursuit of pleasure. It’s what you find pleasurable that makes all the difference.

Think of the top performers in any field. They push themselves hard… because they find that fun, pleasurable or satisfying. That’s how they get their kicks.

Relaxing on a beach? How boring…

So, what – it’s not like you can change what gets your dopamine flowing, can you?

It turns out you can.

Don’t expect fast results, but do expect profound ones – especially with a program like this to guide you:


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