The Emails Hypnotists Need to Send

The Emails Every Hypnotist Need to Send

We’ve talked a lot about using emails to build relationships and keep you in your clients’ minds. I strongly recommend doing this – either yourself or outsourcing it. But I also understand that you might want to take a different approach. Or at least start the email stuff later.

I get it.

In that spirit, here’s the bare minimum you want to do with email. Put these foundations in place, then come back to regular, engaging emails as soon as you can.

The simplest useful thing to do is to send a reminder. The day before, email each client and mention the time of their session, plus anything else they need to know. Things like your address, parking/public transportation and stuff like what to wear.

Hey, if people are wondering it, you should address it. The goal is to make things as smooth and simple for them. Don’t give them any excuse to cancel, forget or get lost along the way.

But there’s another email you should send. Not all professionals do this, but it makes a huge difference.

If you send this specific email, it will make you seem warmer and more competent.

It will also reduce your cancellations.

And it will make it a hundred times easier to tap into the best marketing on the planet – word of mouth.

Another bonus that just occurred to me is that it makes your in-person selling much more effective.

All from a simple email that you only have to send once.

Not a bad use of your time, right?

You get all that from emailing them a brochure.

Ideally within a few hours, your new client hears from you. Your headline doesn’t need to be fancy. You could say “Important Information about Project X” or “Congratulations for signing up for sessions about Y.”

Make it clear you’re talking about what they bought. There’s no need to get cryptic here.

The first thing this email should do is congratulate them. Remind them of the benefits they can look forward to. Some clients will have a spurt of buyer’s remorse – that comes with any large purchase, so don’t take it personally.

Put them at ease.

Remind them why they are investing in themselves.

After that comes the brochure of whatever they agreed to. It doesn’t have to be a literal brochure – although that’s a nice touch – so long as it contains the info about what they’ll get. Mention what they’ll get out of the program, what’s included and what they can expect.

This is important. If they need to run financial decisions past a partner, this information will show them what you do. Some of their friends will call your client an idiot for wasting money – this allows them to counter those.

And if any of their friends have the same problem as your new client, that brochure becomes your best ad ever. Not because it’s fancy or anything, but because someone they know endorses it.

Remember, uncertainty creates doubt and doubt leads to refunds. Quash uncertainty – your client’s and their friends’ – by sharing all the info they need.

There’s no escaping the IT side of things. As a hypnotist, you weren’t trained in this. As a business professional, you’re expected to do it.

It’s not a hassle if it’s an opportunity to learn. You can do amazing things for your community once you master all these business skills.

But if setting up and writing professional emails is one hassle too many…

Well, your time is worth more than your money, so invest in a freelancer who gets your line of work:

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