The best Christmas present, Emma Stone-style

I saw an interview with Emma Stone where she said the best present she gave was her presence.

Coming from the wrong person, that’s wildly arrogant.

But, I don’t know. She seems fun to be around. Maybe there’s truth to that. I’d sure like to grab a beer with her – more than I want ill-fitting shirts or flimsy junk.

And remember – celebrities are just people too. If they can do it (or become it), so can we.

Well… okay, few of us are going to get paid $100,000 for showing up to a party, taking a photo with a can of Coke or tweeting about perfume.

But branding aside, we are celebrities and they are us.


Maybe the best present you can give is the gift of better presence.

Either you becoming more amazing, then spending time with them.

Or teaching them how to have more magnetism and charisma.

Both beat plastic junk from atmosphere-corroding Chinese factories…

Something to think about.

And because this is all digital, it’s not too late to buy this for Christmas. You can begin upgrading your presence within the hour.

All you need is the link, which is right here:

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