Ending the ‘mad gambit’ that tricks you into feeling alive

“Do you feel alive?”

It’s a strange question. If you can hear and understand it then, yes, surely you feel alive.

Except ‘alive’ isn’t a binary state, where you’re either alive or dead. I mean, it can mean that, obviously… but when folks talk about feeling alive, that’s not what they mean.

There are times when you feel more alive than at others.

And your brain craves that. It’s not just from the rush of hot energy and pleasure you feel when you’re having fun, focused and doing something that matters. The more you fear death, the more you crave this sensation.

And probably the less often you’ll feel it.

I was curious about this, so I looked into some ways to fear death less and live more richly.

Hard-core meditators – I’m talking elite monk level here – don’t fear death. Then again, some of them disappear into their rich, inner worlds, becoming cold, detached and amoral.

That doesn’t sound like a win. That sounds like one problem replacing another.

#notallmonks and all that, but it still told me this isn’t the answer.

Now I know how to steer folks away from this supercharged introspection and keep them grounded in reality, but it’s more than I can go into here.

Back to this project…

The answer is obvious, really. Think of a group of folks who fear death less than everyone else – many of them not at all – who remain grounded, focused and useful to everyone around them.

If you thought of the Stoics, well done.

Master Stoicism and you’ll feel more alive by fearing death less.

But what kind of advice is that?

“Master Stoicism – you mean that philosophy that can take years of discipline to absorb the basics? Sure, I’ll get right on that…”

Yes – please get right on that.

In the meantime, there’s a simple exercise based off Stoic principles that’s relevant here. If you master the philosophy, you’ll learn this… but you don’t need to master it to get these specific benefits.

I explore a few of these in the upcoming issue of Phronesis Accelerator.

This one explores some heavy topics – maybe even the heaviest. I’m not about to dump you into existential crises and wander off, though. Each section has insights (from techniques to new ways to think about the world) that’ll get you through it, smiling.

Far scarier than that is the looming deadline. You only have a few days to pick this up before I send it out, maybe to never send it out again.

Here’s your fleeting link in a fleeting universe:


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