Entertainment? Or hypnosis training?

If you want to learn, say, farming, you have two approaches.

You can talk to the academics who study, research, analyse, catalogue and label the aspects of farming. They can tell you a lot about the theory and the models and what ‘should’ work.

And you can talk to the most successful farmers – the ones who get their hands dirty and trust their instincts, honed by decades of experience.

The smartest approach is to listen to them both.

The worst, of course, is to listen to neither.

But if you could only listen to one of them, I’d listen to the farmer.

Sure, a great academic will teach you more than a bad farmer… but all things being equal, the edge goes to the one who does the work.

They can’t afford to indulge in wrong theories. A persuasive academic can build a career on nonsense, but no one is smooth-tongued enough to sell you dirt and call it a beetroot.

So it is with farming, as it is with hypnosis.

If you want to learn hypnosis, you could read articles, textbooks and scientific papers.

Or you could talk to professional hypnotherapists.

Or, even better…

Talk to stage hypnotists.

Talk about getting your hands dirty! An academic can be wrong about hypnosis – and the history of science shows many of them were. A hypnotherapist needs to know how to create a trance state and use it… but they work with someone for an hour or more, letting us get away with inefficient techniques.

A stage hypnotist, though?

They have to reliably hypnotise multiple people in a few seconds.

They can’t afford to be sloppy, slow or inefficient.

Everything they do must be sharp and precise.

I’ve never done any stage hypnosis – not yet, at least – but I still learned it. Such a practical approach to hypnosis was too irresistible to pass up.

And, yes, I use some of the principles and techniques with my clients.

No, I don’t get them to cluck like a chicken or dance like a ballerina.

But, if I want, I can put someone in a trance quickly and reliably.

If you’re curious about what hypnosis is, what it can do and how to do it, watch a great stage hypnosis routine. Watch it more than once.

I warn you now – it’s like watching a magician. What you think they’re doing isn’t necessarily what they’re doing.

What seems like banter can be hypnosis, and what seems like hypnosis can be a distraction.

So watch different hypnotists and study them closely. And watch without judgement, because it’s easy to let the razzle and dazzle mislead you.

Still, it’s a great grounding in some powerful, efficient and cool-looking hypnosis.

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