A life-changing epiphany… every week?

I love stories about life-changing epiphanies.

And based on the typical TED Talk, so do most folk.

You know the ones I mean. Some person is just an ordinary individual. Maybe they’re trapped in the rat race, maybe they’re caught by their own bad habits.

Then something happens.

A near-death experience.

A journey to a foreign land.

And through that, everything changes. They rededicate their life towards their higher purpose.

I think one of the reasons we like it is because this could happen to us. Most of us fall well short of where we think we can be. Or we have jobs we hate. But, you know, gotta pay the bills.

We want something to come along and shake us to our core, to point us in the right direction.

You have such intense, burning, even fanatical passion just waiting to erupt… you know, once you have the right epiphany.

I didn’t get into coaching and hypnosis through a major health scare or pilgrimage or anything. It came from the slow-burning realisation I can do more with the time and resources I have. This sense built up until it was too strong to ignore.

Since making this decision, though?

I’ve had more mind-shattering, life-redefining epiphanies than I can count.

One way – not the only way, certainly – of thinking about epiphanies is they’re moments when your unconscious screams stop and pay attention.

The more you tune into this voice inside your head you can trust, the easier revelations come to you.

Nothing tunes you more into this than regular, deep hypnosis. It brings your conscious awareness down into your unconscious and let the two really talk.

Life-changing epiphanies are just the start of what you can expect.

If you’re feeling stuck and you’re based in Canberra, why don’t you make yourself an appointment and find the fire burning inside of you.

Here’s the link to my schedule:


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